LG K50

LG K50

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  • FB in D

The ppi is too bad.

  • Nithy

Don't know when lg will learn to make a smartphone with the common man's requirements at an affordable price tag. Battery atleast 4000 may. A fast charger. LCD display. Some useful sensors. If they don't do so they will also be in the line of HTC and Sony.

software, 26 May 2019Shameful about LG does't know how to make a slim phone.Rather shame to have ugly camera hump

  • Denver

No way LG

  • Denver

redmi note 7 is better than this with same price

bad, 13 Aug 2019Manipulative and awful design. Why need notch if screen-to-body ... moreBut manufactures still add the notch just because it looks cool for the consumers.

  • bad

Manipulative and awful design. Why need notch if screen-to-body ratio is just 78 %? Bad trend. You can make phone with 82 % (or more) screen-to-body ratio without notch. And 78 % without notch is very simple task. But... bad trend.

  • software

Shameful about LG does't know how to make a slim phone.

  • FB in D

Pixel density of 2.69, on a 6-inch plus screen. Not for me. Just one color, and a ho-hum design.

  • konga

Expect helio p22 on all three phones k40, k50 n Q60

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Malaysian Mob, 24 Feb 2019Who cares in the indonesian market?A whole country cares!

  • Malaysian Mob

Who cares in the indonesian market?

if this phone stands at IDR 1.8M-2.5M or USD 128 - 177 with SD 636 or up, I'm sure it will be a huge hit in Indonesia.
but if this phone is at USD200 or more, people here will prefer to buy xiaomi , vivo , oppo or realme . they stands at USD 100-200 Price range.