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pipo, 02 Feb 2021can you tell us how?It's live in Baltic market, though I don't know about others.

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    • pipo
    • 85f
    • 02 Feb 2021

    Aramissss, 09 Dec 2020Phone got update to Android 10can you tell us how?

      Phone got update to Android 10

        It's uses type c connector, though standard is usb 2.0, that's why "micro usb" though physically it's type c. Real type c seems too relaxed in this phone, easy to pull it off without trying

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          • Asaf
          • JHQ
          • 11 Jan 2020

          skeeno, 14 Nov 2019Just opened one,its type c,not micro usbIts type c? So why is written micro usb?

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            • skeeno
            • MFM
            • 14 Nov 2019

            Just opened one,its type c,not micro usb

              akw, 30 Oct 2019which one is better K50S or W30 Pro ? (i think W30 is weake... moreW30 pro has much better processor

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                • akw
                • 6qb
                • 30 Oct 2019

                which one is better K50S or W30 Pro ? (i think W30 is weaker i can't understand its cameras) K50S has MIL-STD-810G compliant but 6.5 is probably too long for me , and also has 32GB but W30 Pro has 64GB camera of K50S is f/2.2 and 5mp ultra wide while W30 Pro has 8mp ultra wide and main camera aperture i don't know , i can't find LG easy here but before lg was easy to find for buying

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                  • Adul Al Salami Kebab
                  • nrX
                  • 15 Oct 2019

                  yourstruly krishna, 08 Sep 2019p22 seriously ??:/Nothing wrong with the P22, its just not the latest and greatest or anything...

                    p22 seriously ??:/

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                      • AnonD-819322
                      • 3aW
                      • 22 Aug 2019

                      Everyone's going all out with the MT6762. Not exactly a bad thing to be fair.

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                        • Adul Al Salami Kebab
                        • nrX
                        • 22 Aug 2019

                        Depending on price... This could be a amazing product! O3O

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                          • Anonymous
                          • HI4
                          • 22 Aug 2019

                          a new long tree 166mm