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  • 18 Feb 2024

Dexter, 13 Jul 2022Phone freezes and turns off and off by itself . Never anot... moreLg K series turned out to be the worst budget phones ever made since the end of the Optimus line. Crappy chipsets, heavy UI, now I know why LG decided to retire from the smartphone business. The majority of LG products are complete lemons. I don't care about how it looks but how it works and LG is all about looks and nothing else

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    • Anonymous
    • xjH
    • 05 May 2023

    gunnsi, 10 Dec 2022My LG phone have survived one and half our in washing machi... morepls which of them

      gunnsi, 10 Dec 2022My LG phone have survived one and half our in washing machi... moreTry again

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        • gunnsi
        • DXS
        • 10 Dec 2022

        My LG phone have survived one and half our in washing machine. And still running great !

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          • Dexter
          • IxH
          • 13 Jul 2022

          Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021Terrible phone. Keeps freezing or restarting whenever it fe... morePhone freezes and turns off and off by itself . Never another LG
          slow turning on

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            • potato
            • 0@7
            • 12 Jun 2022

            i bought this phone almost a year ago and i honestly love it so much. i almost gave up on looking for a phone i would like. i tried a xiaomi and i HATE the OS. it also felt so heavy to me.
            the ONLY thing i wish this had was NFC but that's the only con i can think of.
            it has never overheated/randomly turned off or anything. gps is reliable. i've dropped it a few times (with a case) and nothing happened. i really like lg phones.
            also i felt that it's very customizable....it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to change the wallpaper on xiaomi and you have to have an account. with the LG you just...change it....

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              • Xample
              • YdS
              • 16 Feb 2022

              I had a LG K51 Phone from boost mobile and after 2 years of use never dropped the phone the screen wasn't cracked, never in water... the phone just wouldn't turn on anymore. I trouble shooted with boost and LG and wasn't able to turn it back on... So I went to Walmart and bought a TCL 20 XE Phone and ported my old number over to the new phone. Sad part about it is all my personal info was on that phone after 2 years of use.. It bites

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                • vx6
                • 15 Aug 2021

                how to get the access point name on this device

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                  • Yi%
                  • 01 Jun 2021

                  Who can you get service thru with this phone? not total wireless

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                    • Empirico
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                    • 11 Apr 2021

                    tabon, 19 Feb 2021Lexus is a ToyotaRight. Noy better not worse. Just a little fancier :)

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                      • Empirico
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                      • 11 Apr 2021

                      Have this phone for 2 months. Battery endurance is ok. Camera has no manual adjustments. I expected much more for a 32mp camera. Macro mode is not good at all. Low light pics are also bad. Nothing but disappointment in this matter.
                      Screen backlight is quite good and bright, so thumb up on this. In 2 months I had 3 software updates from LG but nothing seems to be changed.
                      Dedicated google assitant button is in a wrong location as you always press it accidentally when you want to close your screen.
                      Wifi reception is quite poor.

                      Looks nice, but its just an average low budget phone.

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                        • Ricky88
                        • Brv
                        • 30 Mar 2021

                        This phone does not have NFC at all! I just bought one thinking it did but it does not.

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                          • Attila
                          • pTx
                          • 10 Mar 2021

                          I use this phone since 2 months, and I'm totally happy with it. It runs perfectly, no crash, no automatic restarts, absolute nothing negative. The phone automatically updated itself with Android10. Stable internet use (even by wi-fi or mobile net). It was a good buy (I'm from Hungary).

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                            • LG K51S Android 10
                            • 0@s
                            • 02 Mar 2021

                            Android 10 has already been released for this device !, this site is not updated

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                              • Tizzone
                              • 3}X
                              • 25 Feb 2021

                              32 MP this pair of balls, in every other camera apps the maximum resolution is 8MP. Absolute garbage

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                                • rjH
                                • 21 Feb 2021

                                Terrible phone. Keeps freezing or restarting whenever it feels like it. Flash now refuse to work. It started with troubles after about 3 months after purchasing.

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                                  • tabon
                                  • IL8
                                  • 19 Feb 2021

                                  Anonymous, 18 Nov 2020not for that price. You pay more for better specs. You can ... moreLexus is a Toyota

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                                    • JCarloPC
                                    • LC7
                                    • 28 Nov 2020

                                    I've just got this phone. It's fast and responsive, battery life lasts for the whole day with mid-heavy use. Screen is huge, but coming from an LG G6 with a 2K screen, this looks kinda' terrible when watching videos, but going through apps and the interface looks pretty decent. I do still consider it better than the Samsung alternatives for this price point (Not all countries have plenty of brand options). So far, so good. No screenshare though (meaning you cant cast your phone screen ["chromecasting" still available])

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                                      • 4Vb
                                      • 18 Nov 2020

                                      Anonymous, 18 Feb 20206,5", 720p, 3GB RAM, oh my word. Offering worse specs than ... morenot for that price. You pay more for better specs. You can not get the lexus for the toyota price

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 4Vb
                                        • 18 Nov 2020

                                        FB in D, 02 Sep 2020LG is going to have to find a way above 300 ppi on the mid-... morethen if you want higher than 300ppi then you will pay alot more for the smartphone. like 2 or 3 times