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LG K52

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  • LoveTheSpeed

Too big. Phones are now too big. 14,5cm is just enough, put it a beet wider 8,5 with a super camera specs and nice battery. I am not a heavy user (calls, sms, and an hour of internet per day) and for me the battery with 3500 or 4500 will last for 3 to 5 days. What I like more is a superb UI from LG or HTC. And something more to say. I like the old platforms Blackberry, Sony Ericsson etc. They didn't need 6 or more GB of RAM (256MB RAM and it worked flawlessly). Thats something to think about.

  • puiuus

I got it for a crazy 90 Euro deal and I love it!

My current phone, bought it for 160e. I previously had a LG Q7 and this K52 just about complete improvement in every way, except for it's big size. It renders Google Maps with pleasant speed.

Shame LG decided to stop making phones, just when they figured how to make them good.

bought it for 150 euro. Love it!
I replaced an moto x4, which is still a great phone, but no more updates for almost 2 years.
Had to get used to side fingerprint, coming from a front fingerprint, and with the bigger size, other than that, i really like it.

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 25 Sep 2020Since all new K-series have 4000mAh and this one also comes... moreRight. K52 seems to be the most balanced in all aspectsa amongst the 4G models of K series (2020).

But K92 5G is in a different league ins specs, SoC as well as unique and classy design. Can be a disruptor for entry level 5G if launched across all markets.

  • Anonymous

Dan, 22 Dec 2020$300 for a 720p screen and slow processor. What a rip-off!chill, it's about 200$

  • Dan

$300 for a 720p screen and slow processor. What a rip-off!

  • Anonymous

Oh so it seems like LGs favourite chipset is the Helio P35? Interesting...

  • Kay

The design resembles Samsung's a series, weird

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Since all new K-series have 4000mAh and this one also comes with 4GB RAM I personally believe it will be the battery champ of them and best value. :3