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  • Anonymous

RGhandhi, 06 Oct 2020Oct 6th, 2020 Lg K61 review I Bought the LG K61 - LMQ63... moreGet the Moto G8 Plus or the G Pro, far better than this

  • Anonymous

Max, 24 Oct 2020Yeah! Thats exactly right! If you want a budget phone thats... moreThe same Soc, that a low device use, like moto g8 power lite.

The same perfomance as the moto g7 with the snapdragon 632....

200€ for this.....not in a million years

  • Max

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020Specs seem perfectly fine for the price, octacore, 128GB, N... moreYeah! Thats exactly right! If you want a budget phone thats what you get for this mid range device with mediocre camera quality.

  • Anonymous

Specs seem perfectly fine for the price, octacore, 128GB, NFC, 4000mAh battery and more for just about 200 euros. I don't know why are those fools complaining about a lousy camera, you get what you pay for lol, it's not Galaxy Note 20. I'm only interested how it behaves, does it have glitches and bugs, is it laggy and so on.

  • Mike Y

RGhandhi, 06 Oct 2020Oct 6th, 2020 Lg K61 review I Bought the LG K61 - LMQ63... moreI fully agree with your comment Love the old LG 4 phone more will always say that is the best phone for photos. Very sad case we stuck with a new phone that has 4 cameras but will not be used for photos. LG you have failed.

  • Adam

The truth is that I do not understand how the LG brand has been dedicated to filling the markets with pure garbage, in all this time they have not made a cell phone worthwhile, for example the simplest cell phones put huge battery then to the phones that should put a big battery they put battery that do not last a day , and finally THE cameras of LG cell phones have never worked, I do not explain what kind of engineers have working

  • Lena

I HATE my new LG k61. I wanted a phone with a GREAT camera and figured this would do the trick. For a standard shot, it's good. BUT if you attempt to zoom in at all it loses all resolution and looks like a photo taken by a cell phone from 20 years ago. It's crap. It was between this and the Huawei P30 lite. Should have gone with the Huawei.

  • Philip

The screen goes black while you are in a call or busy sending a message or Whatsapp. Very distracting and frustrating. All that you can do then is to switch off the phone! Not good. Solutions?

  • RGhandhi

Oct 6th, 2020
Lg K61 review

I Bought the LG K61 - LMQ630UM in June through a 2year plan to replace my old LG G4.
I love LG products so I felt comfortable buying LG again. I am so disappointed with my new phone LG K61. The camera takes terrible photos in all modes. The photo quality even on 48mp is horrible and the pictures are usually out if focus or pixelated, compared to photos on my previous Lg g4 in 24mp format. The lens on multiple cameras on the new K61 are just do not take good pictures. Video is not that much better with lags in auto focus. The new Google based apps in Android-9 do not offer a proper file management program other than limited Google Files app, which does not allow complete control of your own basic move/copy file management needs (you will need to download another 3rd party app). The "Gallery" app also no longer offers an instant "collage" feature for your photos, and is much more clunkier to manage your photos.
The sound in normal mode and in 3D mode is horrible as even at max volume you can bearly hear the phone ring. The screen touch is over sensitive, and frequently mistypes and touch opens apps, if not locked always. The phone itself is no faster nor more efficient than the older and much better LG G4. The new LG K61 consistently disappoints us, with simple typing and messaging as we find the cursor moving around automatically to different areas of the message, due to the oversensitive screen. The LG K61 is newer than my LG G4, but I find myself returning to my LG G4 for its camera, sound and basic apps. Yet, I'm stuck with the LG K61 for the next two years in my plan. In these Covidian times, we cannot try a phone before we buy, and that's where I feel simply ripped off with this LG K61 phone. We still love LG, our home appliances are still all LG, but this LG K61 phone is the first time we are so disappointed with an LG product.

  • Anonymous

Very funny processor P35 !!!!! What this from you LG
What a shame !!!!!!!!!!!
What is this LG, you use very weak and old processors.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Looks perfectly usable for the average consumer! :3

Wombat, 13 Sep 2020The specs says that this model doesn't have a Radio (F... moreAccording to LG Support, if the phone has a pre-installed app called "FM Radio" then it has a FM chip installed. Seems like a great way to boost sales to people that are looking for phones with a FM Radio Chip. NOT. 🤔

Mark_S, 20 Feb 2020Hopefully have a U variant in the US.We get the K61 model LMQ630UM here in Canada.

The specs says that this model doesn't have a Radio (FM) Chip, but my son's plays FM Stations with Wi-Fi and Mobile data turned off. Does that mean it has a Radio FM chip? Very confused...

  • Ari

Anonymous, 21 Aug 2020Switched to LG from Huawei and I have to say quality and ev... moreIs it waterproof? I've been reading about this military compliance the phone has, but couldn't actually get if it can be submerged under water or is it just splashes.

  • Fergs

I don't like the three buttons on the left side. They get pressed when I try to power on/off or turn on/off the phone -button to the right.

Just got this phone . will it ever have android 10

  • Anonymous

Switched to LG from Huawei and I have to say quality and everything is so much better on this LG. So I think this is a good phone to buy if you want a basic but good solid smartphone.

  • Cola

I've decided to live on the wild to try a LG device for the first time. Firstly my device has a NFC & radio feature. And I am happy with it's performance.

  • The Albion

Aakif Ahmed Naik, 18 Feb 2020Lg not uses mediatek processors Lg does use Mediatek