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I just updated my software two weeks ago my phone is no longer working properly. At times it freeze. I'm am so frustrated. Kindly advice

  • Kaveetwins

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021Is this phone getting any future updates?? Android 11 or 12... moreLg k61 and Q61 now has android 11 update with a new UI .

  • Beauty

lgk61 is one of the best mobile i have owned , would not trade it for anything else

  • kivu 99

128 gb modell, worst phone I ever had... it moves really slowly, I have to restart it almost every day...

  • Anonymous

Is this phone getting any future updates?? Android 11 or 12?

No issues with this phone using for 4 months.

  • johnathan

I find that the phone lags and does not make the best of wifi connections. i often have to go back to my lg3 stylo plus. otherwise battery life phone and text service well. lgk61 would not be my first choice of phones. but that is no longer an issue since lg is out of the cell phone business, oh well. rant complete.

  • ASK

Using for one year now. Absolutely no issues.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2021Why ya complain? The only issue with it is the fingerprint ... moreI had the same issue with the fingerprint scanner on this device only working during bright ambient lighting; if you calibrate your proximity sensor you can fix this issue, and the fingerprint scanner will function as intended, only ignoring accidental touches in your pocket.

  • Anonymous

Do not buy. Very slow for browsing with wifi even with great internet service. Must be broken looking how bad it is ... Touch screen is not precise.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2020Specs seem perfectly fine for the price, octacore, 128GB, N... moreWhy ya complain? The only issue with it is the fingerprint scanner. It only works in the daytime.

  • Luxornv

Bought this for use in the US on ATT. It worked initially but now ATT is taking out their 3G bands. This apparently doesn't work with their 4G bands, so this is obsolete now. It's okay though they said they'd send a "comparable" phone, the ATT Radiant U304AA. Hardly seems comparable.

  • nandor613

For the price its a good phone, but if you look into it deeper this phone is weak.
Also, dont trust in the mil-std certifying, i used it in rain and it just turned off for days.

  • nandor613

Peachy, 06 Mar 2021LG K61 can't screen record or have the option vibrate ... moreOnly if you install something like GBoard

  • John de prod

k61 owner, 26 Feb 2021it does not have screen sharešŸ˜„Iv been using lgs for years and this k61 has really disappointed, the screen gets easily scratched too, but as for screen i think im getting rid of it ASAPšŸ˜ 

  • pakman

Disappointed user, 09 Apr 2021 1) "Octacore" apparently means that 8 snails we... morego into the developer mode and disable the window animation scale, transition animation scale and animator animation scale to off.

if you do not know how to get to that go to settings about phone, in software click on build 6 times and that should enable developer mode, you will then see it in settings

  • Anonymous

I forgot to add, I was going to say that there is one major benefit to the slower hardware installed into this phone; efficiency. The battery life on this phone is very good, with standby times surpassing any other device I've ever owned before. I don't use my phones that often throughout the day, and this phone was able to last almost 4 days on a single charge, reflecting my sparse use of the device itself. It's probably not the best out there, but I'm still personally satisfied.

The other thing is the main camera; it's very good, but again, probably not the best out there. The ultra wide, depth & macro lenses are more of an afterthought than anything though, they're sorta just there so LG can say it's there. Shooting video is a little weak on this device however, with a maximum 1080p resolution at 30 fps. The slower hardware may be a factor regarding why it isn't capable of a higher framerate or slow-motion video, but this could potentially be addressed in a software update.

  • Anonymous

This phone is almost a jack of all trades device, but it falls slightly short, and it certainly isn't a master of any. For everyday tasks such as browsing the net, watching videos, taking photos, or using social media apps, it definitely does the job well enough, albeit not quite as gracefully as competitors within this price range.

The phone falls short when it comes to more demanding applications such as gaming. Microstuttering is present on a lot of games i've tried, and no amount of tweaking the game's resolution or framerate seems to help (it seems to affect the device globally). Lightweight stuff seems to be the best option, such as old console emulators or very casual games. The lackluster processor and somewhat slim amount of ram means you're also going to have to be mindful with multitasking.

The other big problem is that this device just isn't very common in canadian or US markets, making it somewhat difficult to find accessories for it. I could not find a screen protector that properly fits this device, for instance.

If you're really overdue for an upgrade and you can find this phone for a good deal, and stuff like gaming isn't a huge priority, I'd recommend it. As a replacement for my 6 year old huawei device it surpasses it in almost every way, but it definitely won't hold a candle to flagships, or even other devices within this price bracket. If you curb your expectations, this device is an okay choice, but at MSRP, there are definitely better options.

  • Disappointed user

1) "Octacore" apparently means that 8 snails were installed. It takes 1 second or more until the mobile phone reacts to a touch. With complex websites your face falls asleep. This is the slowest cell phone I've had in recent years. 2) The color contrast is too strong and cannot be adjusted. Red appears extremely dark. 3) The precision of the touch screen leaves a lot to be desired; I would not buy the LG K61 anymore.

Personal experience: my sister and I both have this aweful phone (lg k61). We took a 4 hour drive with our mother to our father's house. I pay lots of money for unlimited data and so does my sister.
In this 4 hour drive we got a total of 15 minutes of music to play from both our phones. Yet my phone used 2 gigs of data? I feel like this phone is way behind in technology and shouldnt have been put on sale from such a "major" company like lg and Telus/Koodo.

  • Peachy

LG K61 can't screen record or have the option vibrate when typing????!

  • Max

Just reddit, 25 Feb 2021Here's what I know about updates and LG. If your phone... moreHi just reddit! My LG K61 have just got updated to Android 10 sometimes ago and the software have slightly change in terms of the volume, and few nifty features like wallpapers from LG smart can be found in the gallery, other than that no video update from 1080p to 4k (2160p), slow mote/time lapse so hopefully there will be special software upgrade for video department.