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LG K71

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  • Anonymous
  • rRU
  • 22 Sep 2020

babak, 21 Sep 2020you can only play angrybirds on that gpu, forget pubg and c... moreThe k71 is the budget series for phones that can handle cod and pubg you want a g or v series phone

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    • Yogi
    • DkA
    • 21 Sep 2020

    I dunno who's behind this dumb spec decision. I wonder whomsoever thinks to buy this device what and idiot would he be.

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      • babak
      • a3n
      • 21 Sep 2020

      you can only play angrybirds on that gpu, forget pubg and cod. dont know what LG think anymore

        I have a crappy oppo a5s(also known as a21k,and has someanother names as well) it has this chip, bought it in early 2019 for like 150 usd, and regret it buying, this phone in 2020 second half,for more than 250 usd using this chip is juat embarrassing

          Yep keep releasing trash, LG. Just what we all wanted...

            another bullshit remote control in tow!

              • D
              • Devil
              • myU
              • 21 Sep 2020

              P35? Android won't even work on that, get serious LG!

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                • Anonymous
                • PRW
                • 21 Sep 2020

                Isn't it the Stylo 6

                  p35 again
                  COME ON!
                  just use p70 or something so you can start selling something
                  dumb lg