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  • Stephie Lynn

I've had this phone for about a year and honestly, I really didn't have any problems with it. It worked great for what I needed it for-calls, texts, browsing the internet, etc. The only complaint I have is there isn't enough storage, and the screen is a little smaller than I'd like it to be, but all in all, I think it's a pretty good phone.

  • Anonymous

lmao what do you expect from a 4 year old phone? It's a quad core ffs, everything 2 years or newer is octacore.

  • Therockfordfiles

JP, 01 Sep 2019It's a good mid range phone which is user friendly and it s... moreBro. I own that crap for a full year and I regretted wasting my hard earned money on a piece of sh7t like the K8. Battery drains faster than a Bugatti veyron, screen is fragile, took an eternity to charge for a such small battery. Oh my god,thank goodness 2016 is far far behind me. In my country, LG mobile became unpopular and you barely see LG phones in Mobile shops

  • Anonymous

Device was better before updates. Now too many glitches.. And if it has to do with space consumption. Google wants it that way, otherwise customer would be permitted to transfer applications to SIM card storage. I guess once customers place relevent applications on their devices google wants something to complain about.

  • Anonymous

I remember using it before for Compass when Helping My Father shows The Way, The Phone also Very Durable and Fast even with only 346 Mb Internal Memory left

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2019I got this phone in April 2017, from an Orange shop. Looked... moreI also have that problem

  • Anonymous

I have problem with the search on the settings, i have problem doing Screenshots and also i was unable to set default downloads to sd card. Its really giving me problem

  • Anonymous

The Phone does have Magnetometer for Compass too !

  • jill

how do you clear up memory?

  • JP

It's a good mid range phone which is user friendly and it shows the prowess of LG brand to make excellent budget phone however the only negative point is that 75% of the phone memory is already full due to pre installed apps.

  • Anonymous

I got this phone in April 2017, from an Orange shop. Looked really promising and the fact that a friend of mine had bought a G3 when it was released and it was still running great, I decided to go with the LG brand, which started to look very promising for me. But the problems started not one week after the acquisition. The phone was restarting either at random, or whenever I opened wi-fi. Storage details were not working properly, besides the disastrous storage space it had, it filled my storage with what was supposedly cache data, because that was the only variable increasing. Lots of times the amount of cache actually deleted did not correspond with the amount displayed in settings. Let me set an example: before going to sleep the phone has 6.50/8GB free space, when you wake up 7,65 is occupied because the cache grew up, so now the phone displays that 1,15GB is used for cache data, however when you delete the cache data it only frees about 50-250MB, depending on luck, so now you are stuck with even less free space than it already had.
Another issue is the battery. After about a month it started to go weird. I'm a carefulness freak, especially about phones, I always try to leave it charging exactly as long as it's supposed to and never more or less, I clean the phone on a regular basis etc. Seeing as how the battery drained relatively fast I started using the in-built battery saver. So after my phone was charged, I'd always plug it out then activate battery saver. At some point it began to show my percentage being 100% for as much as an hour after continuous use, then draining very slow. I was very impressed at the beginning. However, as soon as it reached 40% it started plummeting into the abyss. My phone was draining itself in a matter of seconds, from 40% to no battery in less than a minute. Yet a few times if I didn't open it for some time after it drained itself, it would open itself with another 40% that drained as it should.
And maybe the biggest issue of them all is the constant softlocks.
In two years and a half, this phone has softlocked by itself at least a dozen times. I would leave it next to my bed at night, open and with a percentage close to full (because I didn't want to leave it overnight to charge, I always went to sleep after ensuring that the phone has at least 70% battery then wake up earlier in the morning to leave it to charge). Then, when waking up in the morning, I'd see that my phone is in a neverending bootloop. (I'm sure I don't need to explain what that is) My only solution every single time was to do a factory reset, losing absolutely all of my phone's data, except for the things I had on my SD card, but even so, it was very irritating. And the thing is you can't even predict when it does that. It's just randomly screwing itself, feels like someone has implemented a control chip in it and whenever you feel your life is taking a right turn, that someone feels the need to screw with your well-being for pure satisfaction and enjoyment as they watch you crumble into despair.
After two years and a half, my phone finally broke down forever, because my display started freaking out as well. This was the last straw for me. I'm getting a new one and I'll never look back at the LG brand, or at the very least at the K series. It's disastrous. Avoid it as much as you can.

  • Riki

If it only had 2 gigs of ram and not have 5/8 of the storage taken up by system...

  • Jesh

I have used this phone for about a year now This is the worst phone I have ever had. It heats up unnecessarily. The heat can be so much that it can cause a burn. The camera is not dependable. It freezes up from time to time. The video playback is totally undependable. I wouldn't ask anyone to purchase this phone for any reason.

  • finmat

Good smartphone for its price, but it has 2 big problems:
1- Battery is bad. Software isn't optimized. It runs out of power before the end of the day.
2- Lack of storage. Only 8 GB internal memory of which 5 for OS and primary app.

Some Guy Who Uses LG, 31 May 2019The LG K8 is alright for a start, I understand people's fru... moreWhen I was swapping out SD cards on the phone (2GB to 32GB), the phone restarted itself for some reason. Don't know why it did that.

  • Anonymous

Not browsing well

  • Fick

Using this phone 3 years ago and still using it.. This is worst phone.. The battery is very bad, phone can heat easily, lack of storage, stuttering if the phone too heat. 30-40% battery gonna drop And charging from 0%.. Great

  • Some Guy Who Uses LG

The LG K8 is alright for a start, I understand people's frustration with it's slowness but to me it's alright. The security is tidy, face ID, Voice Match and Google Assistant - All work perfectly, it might be a pain in the arse but I've had the phone for a year now and I still think it's alright to this day, even the camera quality is fine, but the SD Card Reader can be a bit off but I've had problems with that in the past but now It's OK.

  • Jhon Ryder

The camera is good, performance is also not bad considering price. Except for these, I had horrible experience. The IMEI emptied twice during update, which basically unable everything. I will never buy LG again. Adios.

  • farfhen

seriously horrible. constant lag and freezing, utterly unusable. makes me want to throw it against the wall every time i use it. using this phone takes away all the pleasure of living and makes me want to kill myself whenever i have to wait 5 min for the google map app to open, then a full minute for the screen to update every time i move the map around. unless you like being tortured 24/7, do not get this phone.