LG K8 (2018) and K10 (2018) launch in Italy as K9 and K11

Ivan, 24 April 2018

The LG K8 (2018) and K10 (2018) don't seem to like their birth names as both are launching in Italy as K9 and K11 instead, much like they did in Russia.

The K9 will go on sale in April for €150 (Aurora Black and Moroccan Blue) and for €50 more you'll be able to grab the K11 in May (Aurora Black and Terra Gold).

The LG K9 and K11 won't blow anyone's mind with their specs but it's about being reasonable and price-conscious and not flashy. The LG K9 has a conventional 16:9 5-inch LCD of 720p resolution, a Snapdragon 210 with 2GB of RAM and single cameras, front and back, 8MP and 5MP.

The bigger LG K11 opts for a MediaTek MT6750, 2GB or 3GB of RAM, a bigger 5.3-inch 720p LCD (again, with a 16:9 ratio), 13MP and 8MP cameras on the 3GB of RAM model and 8MP and 5MP cameras on the 2GB of RAM one.

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Reader comments

  • Ab

After 2 years price will drop 60 euro. And for that Money shop dont gived me anyithig to protect it. Ram is also whealy low. No love for lg anymore. Its not worth for 200 euro. All phones parts is damaged there is no way to repair.

  • AnonD-637767

This! Also, 18:9 and rounded screen. CMIIW.

  • X=10

LG you were in the past company with inovation first with dual camera, first with dual core processor, first with double tap to wake/ sleep, first with 76% screen to body ratio, first with QHD screen.. Now.. You going down.. Snapdragon 210 in 2018 ...

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