LG KC550

LG KC550

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  • Anonymous

WOW What is better this or the secret?

  • Robin

Do this phone support MicroSDHC (4gb) ?

  • cuteman

i'm the 1'st :p

  • and

for people who are talking about this phone.. i work for lg and have just seen the phone, firstly, the reason why it doesnt have all the amazing features like wifi and hsdpa is because we are looking at retailing the handset for people who cant afford a £400-£500 phone.... so get over it....

  • JA

When I just saw the picture, I thought it was a budget phone. The phone is just too boxy. Secondly, it just lost the competition to all cell phones. There is just no HSDPA which you can find in most 5 megapixel phones now.

  • jonathon

i think this phone looks nice, sleek and sexy!
although, i think everything in black is sexier!
i have the kf600 at the moment and would look into this rather soon!

  • Anonymous

if kodak use the same optics than it should be better than carl zeiss because kodak produce great digital camera.

  • Anonymous

I think this phone looks really nice. No awkward touch keys like the LG secret- all specs I need- might be one to look at! Let's hope it can do VGA 30fps video.

  • rakeb

picture possible letter ?i am designer only nokia love ,possible help .but my picture offer in gsmarena ....please reply ,god willing futuristic in nokia company ,nokia you my dream i am very very very love you for ever

  • Eric

This is a good affordable price 5 mega Camera phone.
I guess it can make noise.

  • rakeb

rakeb, 29 May 2008very good lg.this phone very small camera 5mp .very very beauful very good lg.this phone very small. camera 5mp .very very beautiful

  • Pep

The optics arent as good as Carl Zeiss but it comes close. This is the type of lens that also Kodak use for there digital camera's (offcourse this is a little less quality)

Furhter the phone is good for taking pics, 5 mp, editor... nice work LG

  • Anonymous

is that optics better than Carl Zeiss ???

  • rakeb

very good lg.this phone very small camera 5mp .very very beauful

  • Anonymous

appeared on the market without being officially announced by the South Korean company.and this phone is available onlibe around 355$

  • Anonymous

its a nice phone with better price willl i ddint find it only is available any whr...
its not on plemix.com nor sntradersonline

  • kirt

looks nice :)