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I remember the ads for this phone was so unique, the name was a first as well. Good memories ­čśä.


My Hands Set Sarch

  • life_destiny90

abc, 13 Dec 2010ey people,i absolutly lv dis phne,but my screen got smashed... moreMine's screen smashed 8 months after I bought it, I thought it was due to extreme exposure to sunlight. Anyway I sent mine on warranty & it came all repaired. Even I have thrown my cell several times on conrete floor but the screen is all good.

  • Khauja

I like this mobile very much. Because the location of this mobile is very beautiful. This mobile is available only in Black color. It is most popular mobile of LG in Pakistan.

  • abc

ey people,i absolutly lv dis phne,but my screen got smashed,wer can i repair it?

  • rON

i have it but i dont like it.its cool but i dont like it

  • gfdgfdgffcfd

Wanton, 27 Aug 2009what is the name of the lg phone....the same shape of lgke8... moretheres two versions, theres the LG-SV600 and the LG-KV6000

  • Foysal @ Bangladesh

Touch-sensitive navigation keys is very bad .system always hang

  • lalala

i lov this phone!but the battery .........................sucks!!!!!!!!!

  • Wanton

what is the name of the lg phone....the same shape of lgke800 platinum but the word choclate replaced with blacklabel please i want an answer...

  • Jewlz

i just loveeeeeeeeeeee dis fone..i jus cnt get enough of it.

  • K Jah

How to use speakerphone during calling?
I also unable to use keypad in Voice mall and other automated machine call.
Please help me....

  • Ali

super phone but battery suck

  • Mahum Siddiqui

I've been using this cell-phone for about 4 months. The phone is excellento... I just luv it! The graphics are so nice... way better than Samsung & Sony Ericson. MP3 player is also gr8. The only problem is with the battery, Which I must say say isn't such a big problem... it works well 4 about 4 days if u'r not using it like hell! Specially the best part is it doesn't stuck.

  • Nelly

I have been using this phone for 1,5 year and although it has problems I still love it. The microphone stopped working properly and it's great to have the opportunity to send it somewhere where it will be fixed, hopefully:D (free guarantee for 2 years) I miss my chocolate and I hope I can continue using it for a long time after I have got it back:) There are a lot of drawbacks which come along with that phone, but it depends on the durability of the phone and how you take care of it. Mine is a piece of gold compared to the one which was owned by my friend. And I've heard a lot of bad things from other people, too. Everyone says that they wouldn't recommend it at all, but in my opinion, if you have some extra money (haha) and you are really interested in this phone, then you should try it. Maybe you're lucky and get the good one:P But if your aim is to get quality instead of quantity, then I wouldn't recommend it. When my chocolate stoppes working for good, I won't buy LG anymore. My first choice would be Nokia, That's the quality! But still, Chocolate is my baby as long as I can use it and it is the most beautiful phone I have ever seen:) (L)

  • nesomumi

Ok, i have this phone for more then a year now.
Phone is excellent in every way. If you are normal user, everything is good, and you will be happy whit it.
There is one problem that was annoying me to hell and back, i have a small business and i wonted to Sync this phone to Outlook, now to be clear this phone dose not do this easy, and i just now discovered how to do this (and now i am happy like crazy :D ).
Solution is:
1.) you need to download LG PC Suite 2
Link to it: http://isohunt.com/torrent_details/66717833/LG+PC+Suite+2?tab=summary
Now i know this is a torrent, but i have use this one, and it is working for me, i don't wont to give you some bs link that maybe will not work, and then some one smart will tell how i am bs. So if you dont like torrent and you are scared of viruses google LG PC Suite 2.
2.)Now, first install "LG PC Suite 2".(you are doing this because there is a driver on it that works whit even windows7 x64 system, that i am using now, so basically in it is a driver that actually works). After that you need to install "LG GSM Sync" (you get that in the box whit your mobile phone when you have bought it (small cd)). Install it, but when installation ask you to install driver (i think it say modem driver) say no and finish. You are installing this because KE800 works only whit that program to be able to sync.
3.)Now to sync. Connect KE800 on usb cable and run "LG GSM Sync", when the screen show it self first you need to click on icon of calendar, and then on the Connect icon (what i have found is that it is best to connect usb cable directly to comp. and not to use extension cable, but only the one you get in the box, and then it works whit no problems)
Now you can copy data from phone to Mobile Sync, and you can import data from outlook to it and then to the phone. But you can't export data to outlook.
4.)Well, luckily for you i know how you can (and now if there is some one smart out there that will say i know that, WHERE THE FRACK WERE YOU ALL THIS TIME).
So in "LG GSM Sync" go to File > Export (shortcut press Alt, press f, press e ) press find file to select where you will save data (desktop is the best), name your file, click save, and then next, on the next screen select Tab, and click Finish.
Now go to desktop and rename the extension of the file you just created (it will have extension .tab), you need to change (rename it) to .txt .
You will be asked if you are sure that you wont to do that, select Yes.
Now open Outlook (im using 2007)
Go File > Import and Export > Import from another program or file (select it and click Next)> scroll down to Tab Separated Values (Windows) (select it and click Next) > Now on the new screen under Files to import click brows, find your file on desktop, select it and click Open, you have options to Replace current data in outlook, Allow duplicate, or not import duplicates. I recommend Allow duplicates, it is very easy to delete data you don't need any more in outlook, click Next > on this screen select Contacts and click Next. Now data will be sync.

And this would be it. First time it is a pain in the arss, but in essence this is like 5 steps procedure, and you will have all your data sync, and backuped.

If it dose not work for you, this is step by step manual that i have typed here, i really can help you more. This is how i make my KE800 to Sync.

  • Kikos

i have a problem with my ke800 after i maked it reset with this code 2945#*# now my phone don't wana start!!! have you anathor code to reste LG KE800!! THX--

  • Roger

Hey everyone. First and foremost, I had and still do have this phone for a little over a year now. I have gotten so much attention from people. They just can't keep their smudging fingers off my phone. They absolutely love and so do I. In all fairness, the phone is beautiful. For the first couple weeks I had sweaty palms using it. Anyways. Its beautiful but impractical. I mean the features are there, but they don't really work for me. They're not practical. Using the phone itself is a joy. It makes really cool sounds. Sometimes I find myself just pressing and scrolling through the menu just to hear the sounds the phone makes and see all the sophisication of the menu and stuff. Oh. Back to the features. Terrible battery life right of the top. Maybe that's why I got an extra battery with my (it cam ewith the phone). Oh the phone box looks amazing. I still have mine. It looks real expensive. Yeah. Um. Battery suffers. There's practically no speaker phone, its too low. Pains me to use it so I forget about it. Flash? Turn it on and the light stays on whether or not u take a pic. Sometimes I use it as a convenient flash light cause it just stays on. I have to shout to the persons with whom I'm conversing for them to hear me. That's the thing that pains me most about the phone. Pain, pain, pain. I get real upset with it because of that. Pics come out real nice on my pc, dont look so good on the phone itself. The voice recorder thingy is another pain. I literally have to put the phone against my ear to hear what I recoreded...almost like the so called speaker phone. I have to put the phone quite close to my ear to hear it (I suffer no hearing impairment). I believe this totally defeats the purpose. Well there are a couple of other itty bitty things. I pay much attention to detail, but I'm rational so I believe those details are a bit way off. These are the only pains I have wit the phone. Aprt from them (and the other minute short comings) the phone is great. Would recommend it to someone who loves attention, or likes to have great looking things, someone who has taste and style and won't get upset when the battery dies at mid-day after getting a couple long calls and taking a few pics because the battery sucks (travel with the spare to solve this prob) or won't get upset because of the impracticallity of the so called that sealed the deal and convinced you that this phone is all beauty with just as much features. All in all, Unparalleled beauty.... Hell YES!!!, Features...YES, Practicallity...NO!-resolutely. Ps. Signal isn't all that, but it works for me...most of the time.

  • Anonymous

I bought this one, a year a go, had been workin┬┤perfect,probably I haven┬┤t very carefull sharing files PC-phone, and virus make it slow... even I┬┤ve let drop down in to a little lake accidently, I take out very quick, nothing happen┬┤just got dirty, i think is a good one!!!

  • theykilledkenny

And for the ones saying battery life is ridiculous.. It isn't THAT bad... I very oftenly had to empty my message box before I had to charge the phone's battery, so you can see my use of the phone and how the battery was ok (just not good)... Maybe you hear a lot of music, or talk a lot, or even spend most of the time going up and down on the menu just for fun, I don't know. But I do know that mine SURELY lasted longer than a lousy day or two, even with the phone being on 24/7.