LG KF310

LG KF310

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  • vishal

How do i get perth - australia time on this phone.

  • Roger

Excellent handset. Easy to use with good features. The battery life is awesome! I'm very happy with it.

  • dogus

Melissa, 15 Aug 2009Is it free? can u tell me how much you pay for live messanger an... moreu can get msn for free if its on a contract..if it aint contract u would need 2 pay i guess but it wud cost alot..

  • Melissa

Rebecca, 05 Jul 2009eric i can go on wondows live messenger on my LG KF350.Is it free? can u tell me how much you pay for live messanger and what deal you use? :)

  • Melissa

This Phone looks really awesome. :) I want msn and i looked it up and this phone can have it! so yey! and its cheap and flashy :]

  • price man

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2009nice!3 is selling this phone for $99AU which is cheap and i might get it for my brother

  • Anonymous

Elly , 07 Jul 2009is it worth buying?nice!

  • Mitchell

is it avaliable in New Zealand and if so where abouts??

  • Elly

is it worth buying?

  • fool.

this phone looks total pants if i'm being honest, it looks really cheap & plastic &.. eugh! I'm buying a new phone as my old one has just broke. Definatly would NOT reccomend a LG unless it is the LG viewty which is awesome.. Especially this one. I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover but first impressions are everything! :)

  • Rebecca

eric i can go on wondows live messenger on my LG KF350.

  • Peter C

Just bought this phone for my dad. It is $218 in New Zealand. I really like it :D. it is def worth it. Good sliding mechanism. Keypad is not so bad. and the plastic back cover is not as bad as ppl have been complaining about. :D. I would recommend the phone for some one on low budget.

  • Me

I Only Bought This Phone, Because My Other One Broke.
It Feels Like A Toy, Like It Feels Like Cheap Plastic.
Has A Pretty Good Screen, The Camera Is Good Too, Well Compared To The VGA One I Had On My Last Phone.
The File System Is Confusing And Weird? The Phone Makes Its Own Music, Picture etc Files On Your Memory Card, So You'll Have Two Picture Folders, Two Music Folders And So On.

The Keypad Is Pretty Hard To Get Used To. The Buttons Are Small And Crammed Together, But Its Not The Worst Keypad But Not The Best Either.
The Software And Menu Are Pretty Straight Forward, And Yea.
So Overall, Its An OK Phone.


it is a best phone

  • Eric

This phone is awful. Spent nearly 100 and regret it totally. Has a horrible plasticy feel, the interface looks dated and the Three website says it supports windows live messenger, WHICH IT DOESN'T.

  • JodieMoris

im thinking of getting this phone on contract all i want to know is , is it a phone that willl entwertain or be good for a 13 yearold girl? please reply and tell if if this phone is right :D xx

  • Slim

On mine the software is malfunctioning after i plugged it in my pc with the pc suite..also my end call button malfunctioned..it does have 3g video call but the quality isn't top notch..its worth the money but its better if you save up and buy the chocolate. instead. or 510.

  • Me

This Phone Is Ok.
Its Not Great, But Its Not Crap Either.
It Feels Plastic, Like A Toy Sort Of plastic.
The Cameras Good And The Video Is Okay, But It Takes A While To Load My Pictures, Sounds And Videos, But Then I Saw Why ... I Have 450 Pictures, 289 Songs And 120 Videos :)
The Battery Is Okay, It Lasts About 2 1/2 - 3 Days. And Thats With Listening To Music For Abot 2 Hrs A Day, Taking Pictures And Videos And Txting, so Thats Pretty Good For A Mobile.

  • Nalin Sri lanka

Very user friendly phone...its much better if it had radio....

  • Anonymous

i find that aswell, it has a mp3 player but you cant plug it into the computer to get ur music and it says everywhere that is has games but it doesnt!!! i mean everything else is perfect but its annoying tht it says it has the stuff n it doesnt.