LG KF510

LG KF510

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  • Anonymous

Does this phone have bluetooth?

  • aimal daud khan

hey plz tell me is da music of dis movile z good r not? plzzzzzzzzz tell meeeeeeee

  • Bigbang is vip

Why, T.T ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ­
­ I bought this phone in Korea,

this one has more functions thatn the one I bought in korea ㅠㅠㅠ!

-0- we don't have red color too !

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2009great phone i love it!! but the ONE time i have ever dropped it ... moreomg. really? im getting mine in 3 days. my old phone was REALLY hardy abd i dropped it scraped it against walls etc all the time. i worried. ii'm going to get a realy good case.

  • pinkpinky

this phone is hot i mean it iii loveee it it's mylife

  • Anonymous

i love this phone.
its really great

  • Short Cuts

Ray, 22 Oct 2008Hello. I have two questions: -How do I turn the camera soun... moreHey
Did you ever find out how to change the shortcuts? if so please let me know, I'm still trying to figure it out. email me at caddycatcat@hotmail.com


kara, 29 Mar 2009the sound is aaaawsomeCan u any1 tell me that the application speed of this cell is slow like LG KG300 or it is fast like SE cell phones
N can this phone support 4GB card or not plz.... tell me

  • kara

pranky, 16 Mar 2009hey guyz i love its look and i'm dyeing to get it on my birthday... morethe sound is aaaawsome

  • andrew

do you think it is worth it to exchange my SE P1i with this phone?? actually, i'm not much of a wifi or 3g user..

  • Dre

Great phone but i dont know how to install games. Can anyone tell me how to do it????

  • Anonymous

Can sum1 plz tell me how does the pics look in the gallery?Do they appear nrml or sumwhat changed?Plz its urgnt.

  • rajesh

pranky, 16 Mar 2009hey guyz i love its look and i'm dyeing to get it on my birthday... moremusic , picture quality very good.
battry back up sufficient for 1 day full featured use
but battry recgarges immediatly ,very fast .
good experince to use

  • shaz

hey, does this phone have picture editing??

  • nixz

Gosh! icant transfer stuff from phone memory to memory card.please somebody tell me urgently at niquue@yahoo.com

  • Anonymous

My grlfrnd bought dis fon yesterday and there seems to b a strange prblm.When the pics r browesd via the gallery they look terrible with whitish grains although they look fine in a dfrnt fone or pc.Then agn the vdo player dsnt play mp4 files.Is the fon defective or is it nrml.Can sum1 help plz.

  • Michel

yoanna, 03 Mar 2009what's the battery life? 3 or 4 days...i have one..:D

  • vivek

superb cam and very stylish and its very very worthy

  • pranky

hey guyz i love its look and i'm dyeing to get it on my birthday next month.i just wanna know from you people that hw's its battery life and music quality in earphones as i'm a music freak i need to listen music whenever i get time.currently i'm using rokr z6.is kf510 better than z6.plz guide me.thanx a lot in advance. :-)

  • Anonymous

Iraj, 14 Mar 2009please let me know if, there is any possibility for answering th... moreit is not possible to dial a number when the slider is down. by pressing the camera key you can only veiw the information. the slider should be up for the phone to be active in this feature.