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LG KF510

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  • angelaa.

heey, this phone looks really good..
but i was wondering if i should get this or the lg shine?

i like the arrows on this one, but the lg shine's screen is wider and stufff...so which one should i get and why?

  • Jin Kazama

Have only had the phone for a few days but can comment on a few aspects upon initial use.
1. The build quality/slider mechanism is very sturdy compared to any Samsung slider phones I've come across (and there have been quite a few)
2. The menu system is very intuitive and easy to use
3. The processor is superfast and does everything within the second/split-second
4. It simply feels good to hold in your hand and use!

1. The PC software (LG Mobile Sync) is confusing to use compared to other phones like LG Viewty or the Samsung PC Studio software
2. Fingerprint magnet (although same issue with most slim-slider mobiles)
3. Controls very sensitive, takes a little getting used to

Overall I'd rate the phone 9/10 as it is one of the best phones I've had the pleasure of using!! Very happy about the purchase. Highly recommended.

  • hannah

anyone else had a problem with they keys on this phone? my whole left side isnt working.. its the forth problem i have had in two weeks of having this phone :( and i lost this recipt for it so cant refund it or get it fixed that way


i have only one question.
how those this lg zoom when trying to take photos from long distances.?

  • meg

karthi, 04 Feb 2009i like this phone very much...I going to buy this...I want to kn... moreno you cant call without sliding it up.it just beeps at you in annoyance!!I have had a lot of problems ,mainly with the mp3 player on this phone.ie it no longer works. as phone it is great but i am trading mine in now as i have fallen out with it.

  • Anonymous

karhti, 04 Feb 2009The phone is very nice & im going to buy this......... one thin... moreYou can call without sliding the phone!

  • bimbo9696

Can this phone have another language on the phone like chinese ??
i bought this phone but i need chinese

  • Galpex

Hy there! I've got one question for KF510 users...how to put games on this LG? When I send the game over the BT device...the phone starts to receive file and than he stops the transfer.

  • Anonymous

LENNY, 05 Feb 2009yes you cna receive the call wothout sliding throughi have the same phone.. but i dont think we can anwer to calls without sliding it up.. we can attend a call without sliding only in handsfree mode..


karthi, 04 Feb 2009i like this phone very much...I going to buy this...I want to kn... moreyes you cna receive the call wothout sliding through

  • karthi

i like this phone very much...I going to buy this...I want to know one thing whether v can atten the cal without lifting the slider up?????????
Please answer!!!!!!!!!!

  • karhti

The phone is very nice & im going to buy this.........
one thing i want to know, can v atten the calls without sliding up????????
Please answer my question.........

  • leanna

i have to use a speaker every time i talk if not, i wont be able to hear anything the other person is saying.

keypad for texting is good but when i want to delete a sentence i have to go letter by letter or just delete the wholeee thing by holding down the cancel button.

its a good phone as of style but functions and such is HORRIBLE!

  • ameen khan

Dear , kf 510 set loking so good & fiture good But not satisfaction in this tempared glass plzplzplzplz change ur promiss plz

  • imran khan

Dear KF 510 is a boring set . this set is tempared glass is sada

  • Chi

can we use lg kf510 camera as a web cam with our computer? or which phone are available which we can use as web cam. pls reply soon.

  • Anonymous

battery life sucks, even if ur not talking and just playing games on it or listening to music out loud, the battery will drain quickly! good looking phone though, however i wish u could talk with it without sliding up the slider, and using the mp3 button twice to unlock it is a hassle

  • Anonymous

Love this phone!!
bought it off ebay 2 weeks ago, it is awesome :)
quite cheap for a phone with all its features!

  • Anonymous

how is the data access speeds on this phone?

  • crazy prince

Peace be on all.
Dear all, I bought this mobile in India 7 caem to KSA now I dont know how to download the video clips I mean which format and how I tried alot buit all in vain so pls somebody help me
Waiting 4 earlist reply
My emailid is crazycrazy81@rocketmail.com