LG KF600

LG KF600

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  • deea

This phone is good but i have some probleme with the batery and the memory stick ......... but ounder this problemes is a good phone ;)

  • Anonymous

it s*cks dont ever think of buying lg,samsung and motorola so just go for nokia if you really want to save money and time........

  • dimitris

Naz, 21 Jan 2009oh no... i'm extremely confused!! i wanna get this phone cos it ... moreWell we have the same problem i see... there are too many disadvantages... so i would like you to give me if you have your e-mail to communicate and find a solution to both of us.

  • dimitris

Hello everybody. I would like some help, i want to buy this phone because it is just perfect about camera,touchscreen e.t.c and i love it as you do, but i do not know if it dies easily, so i would like someone to advice me what should i do because i would like to buy it as i said before but i would like to buy a phone that is very good and can account 2 years at least,so what should i do: buy the kf510 that has not got memory enough or to buy this?

  • unknown

i bought it yesterday, a new phone but a problem, coz when my husband call me his name doesn't show in the screen and my music doesn't show in the my stuff folder..

  • Anonymous

hhmm, 22 May 2009Excuse me for being such a noob but i have a question. For answe... moreno you don't have to

  • hhmm

Excuse me for being such a noob but i have a question. For answering, dialing and speaking- do i have to slide the phone open?

  • Rafael

Good talk and features but the problem is the battery that dosen't suport it for a good amount of time.
Great phone bad battery...

  • Helen

i Have this phone it is the worst fone i have had! its slow. i had a 8gb memory card but cudnt use it in this fone! Internet on the fone is slow cant wait too upgrade again

  • daniel

good talk very good.....

  • Anonymous

cel mai naspa telefon din toate telefoanele

  • maria

mahmoud, 24 Jan 2009i have a strange problem that when i connect my kf600 to the cha... moreyes..i have the same problem..

  • Anonymous

nicole is a cake thank you

  • siper101

I got this phone on contract as I fell in love with it.

The good points: The touch screen is convenient and easy to use, the phone's OS is powerful yet simple, and features many of those "Oh, thats handy" features, i.e. if your playing music and the headset falls out, it wont blast music through the loudspeaker. Its a pretty phone, you wont be embarrised with it. It comes with some half-decent pre-installed ringtones.

Now, the bad points:
The phone doesnt seem to like text messages. I'm not the only one who every now and then has experienced a full scale crash when a text comes through, it makes the phone vibrate, overheat and then you have to remove the battery to get it to start again. LG seems to have brushed this model under the rug, there is hardly any online support and no phone firmware updates to solve this clearly common problem. The whole phone was poorly manufactured, my memory card slot actually swallowed the whole card at one point, and the card is now unreadable because I had to get it out. Finally, the phone has virtually no customisation. I dont know who Keith Harring is, but his estate copyright is all over the wallpapers, Im assuming this is the reason you cant change the colours or layout of the phone OR add any new themes, something no new successful phone can be without.

All in all I'd say dont buy the LG Venus. And its a shame too, it had so much potential, but yet again LG have rushed the design, and ruined it. The worst thing is I'm on contract, and stuck with it for the next year!!

  • Anonymous

the phone i wanna buy is saying this...

"The phone is unlocked and ready to use on any network including Orange, Vodafone, O2, Virgin, Tesco, T-Mobile. It will also work on any Non UK network which operates on the following frequencies - 900/1800/1900MHz. Thats almost all the worldwide networks!"

I have Verizon Network and will use it the US always can i buy a sim card to make it work with my 2 year contract

If you kno any information on this thtd be great

please tell me soon


  • Anonymous

Im gonna but this phone unlocked will i be able to use it when i have verizon?? Please answer soon if you know


  • Anonymous

qqqqq, 13 Jan 2009need help. Can someone please help me? I try to listen to my vo... moreYou need to click like the option button when ur ringing voicemail and click enable DTMF. I just found it out! i no you sent this a long time ago but just in case you hadn't figured it out

  • Kristin

What about the cammera? How do the pictures look on the computer? Are they clear?

  • Isaac

Marco, 23 Mar 2009You can download it from the LG website. It is very easy, I down... moreCan you tell how to update KF600 LG on LG website, wher to go?

  • bilal

it did not connect the computer why?