LG KF700

LG KF700

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  • Anonymous

It would be nice with a WVGA screen. It's already widescreen, but 854x480px would make this phone PERFECT!

And yes, there is a difference - I'm using a WVGA device right now and would never go back.

  • L-p

I think this phone is nice but i find it quite ridiculous that it slides vertically instead of horizontally, i swear id be scared if i saw that im sure it would look like a lethal weapon

  • kirt

In the UK its only available on O2 just like d iphone :(

  • AaronG85

Adam open your eyes it says touchscreen in teh description

  • Matt

Just received this phone as an upgrade on my O2 contract. First impressions are pretty favorable, not as easy to navigate as an iPhone, but easier than the majority of the phones I've owned. Touchscreen is good, but not perfect, but thats more due to the small(er) screen size than anything else really. Overall, good phone, need more time with it to make sure, but I don't see it being a problem.

  • Adam

Is this handset compatible with Micro-SDHC cards? I understand that they use a different formatting system to standard SD cards and that not all devices are compatible with them. Does anyone out there know?!

  • megabum

LG KF700 have it all!

3Mpx, MicroSD, Touchscreen, Doc viewer, keypad and jog! i like it!

  • Anonymous

wat the pig ! no wifi, big screen without touch screen,(maybe there is but i didnt see it listed) but really, no joystick and that keypad is really stupid . no one dumb enough to buy it.

  • Anonymous

Wow it has touchscreen AND a keypad! too bad though it doesn't have wifi. It would be awesome is this thing has wifi!! imagine the possibilities!

by the way does anyone know if it can read pdf, doc, xls, or other office documents?

  • moi

i think it will not work like every LG

  • kirt

Very Good Looking and they made it very thin dispite including the keypad :)

  • dalton

the phone looks pretty slick, but it as it`s disadvantages at some points i guess. i have loved and owned my nokia 8800 for some while now not because what the phone can do , but what the phone feels and looks like. this i think will be a perfect upgrade from my 8800 because it will have all the things that my kick ass slick stainless steel 8800 as, but still does`nt look as slick as my 8800 which is a far cry . but hell i guess i gonna put my 8800 into the hall of fame as the nicest phone i ever owned maybe not the most intelligent one of its time but it holds mass appeal for me still.

  • NNON

looks easy to crush and break off...

  • fiq

do this phone has built in handsfree?? coz i've used lg shine, it doesnt have one.

  • Jess

At the risk of being slammed... they have choosen the keypad as a lot of people didn't like the fully touchscreen aspect of the U900. It was a very difficult way to text for speed messagers. This way they have combined 3 input methods, the spin wheel, touchscreen and keypad. Personally I would prefer this phone due to usability. LG have certainly done their market research. As for the wi-fi... definatly lagging behind!

  • heino

why has it touch screen and a 'keyboard'? i dont get it. it looks cool though..

  • Anonymous

I'd say EDGE is more like living in the past. People use HSDPA nowadays and this phone supports it. it's 3rd generation communication buddy.

  • DJ Justo

These guys at LG are still living in the past two years. The Bluetooth is 1.2, no Edge and no wi-fi, I even think the OS is bad or not advanced. Still have a lot to learn in the mobile industry.

  • finne

eyy :D nice phone ! anyone knows how much that phone is gonna cost? ... im gonna get me one of those =)

  • Anonymous

no wi-fi.:@:@:@:@