LG KG120

LG KG120

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Phone used in Indonesia: Telkomsel GSM/GPRS, XL GSM
India: Idea (!dea), BSNL, AirTel (airtel)
Thailand: AIS
Malaysia: MAXIS
Singapore: SingTel GPRS-C10 Service

    • R
    • Robert
    • f4e
    • 31 Jul 2009

    I absolutly LOVE the fone! it looks stunning. love the desing and would recommend it to everybody!!! especially teenagers. they'll love it. It has everything one needs. Calls and texting!!! shame on you people who think this fone is crap! i've had it for years now and it stoped working since i got it! but its definitly a awesome thing!!!
    Does anybody want to buy mine? its for free!
    Thanks :)

      • S
      • SARAH
      • UFC
      • 08 Jul 2009

      tashmial, 03 Aug 2008my phone was down for a while and it stand by time was up. ... moreget a new phone? lol

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • pk%
        • 30 Jun 2009

        Anonymous, 20 Jun 2008i don't recomend itGive some arguments. Don't throw statements without them.

          • t
          • tashmial
          • QuD
          • 03 Aug 2008

          my phone was down for a while and it stand by time was up. now it wont come on what should i do

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • PYF
            • 28 Jul 2008

            For me, It's a very good simple cell phone, except for the ring tones ( awfull!).

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • Pte
              • 20 Jun 2008

              i don't recomend it

                • P
                • PaVel
                • LyE
                • 17 Jan 2008

                I have this phone and 6 month later after I bought, I have been having problems with the temperature when this increase my cellphone shut off immediately

                  • a
                  • andrew
                  • Nxs
                  • 17 Dec 2007

                  My mom just got one. As she only uses a phone for calls and SMS's its fine. However the stand out feature is how loud it rings. For elderly people (she can't see me type this thankfully) its fantastic.

                  Her first non- Nokia phone in 14 years.

                    • T
                    • Teseletso
                    • Gfw
                    • 06 Sep 2007

                    It is a good phone for me, it is simple to use

                      • v
                      • victor-charlie
                      • niR
                      • 05 Jul 2007

                      I bought an LG KG120 two days ago. Although is has only basic functions, I'm loving it. It's small, simple and does exactly what I need. It's cheap too. The feature which has impressed me most is of other nature: Its SAR value is VERY low: only 0.084W/kg.

                        • N
                        • Nickie
                        • Nhd
                        • 20 Jun 2007

                        This phone is for the "old" class type of people. Very simple to use and very basic. Not for someone that wants to do more than just make and receive calls - and send + receive sms'e. To simple for me - then again - everybody has their own liking....

                          • k
                          • kick
                          • MXt
                          • 14 May 2007

                          I'm one of them too :)
                          I have better phone, but took this as secondary, use it only for calls and sms ;)

                            • S
                            • Sebaku
                            • nsE
                            • 26 Mar 2007

                            Dear Catalin,
                            I am afraid that you don't know what are you talking about. Motorola V3i and Nokia 6151 are from a different class! They have camera, mp3 player and other facillities. And they are definitely much more expensive than the LG KG120! Only Samsung X150 is from the basic class, like the LG K120. So if you have more money and you are interested in doing something more than calls and messages with your phone you can try to buy a Motorola V3i or a Nokia 6151. But if you want a good basic phone you can try to buy the LG KG120 or the Samsung X150. Even I, although I own a better phone, am thinking about having a second phone like the LG KG120.

                              • C
                              • Catalin
                              • mAU
                              • 08 Dec 2006

                              well me i would be intersted. Now i have a Philips 362 very good, infrared, camera . I search for a 'shell phone' that is cheat and functionaly(optionaly with Irda). I find a shop with 29 $.I have some alternative (Nokia 6131,Motarola V3i Silver and Samsung X150).

                                • l
                                • luxcor
                                • pk0
                                • 07 Dec 2006

                                for 20 USD I really love it and I recognise: "I'm one of them" :)

                                  • O
                                  • ODOCHA C N
                                  • ftQ
                                  • 29 Nov 2006

                                  Love da phone.

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Nxs
                                    • 02 Nov 2006

                                    to fiasel,to your comment about the type of person whom would be interested in this fone i think you that was very inconsiderate. it mite be a very simple fone but you dont need everything in life to be complicated the hole time. enjoy your day then.

                                      • F
                                      • Faisel
                                      • Tky
                                      • 23 Oct 2006

                                      Wow, a basic LG crap only for Talking and Texting, it's definitely not a touching attire and neither innovative! LG must continue with their unique designs and cut the crap in making phones like these. Hmmm, I wonder which particular person is interested in buying this when it comes out, we'll just have to wait and see!