LG KG275

LG KG275

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  • 98W
  • 25 Apr 2013

repulsive, 24 Oct 2008Hi, I tried to cable connect LG KG275 to PC (using KG800 ca... moreyou can with LG

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    • Anonymous
    • v3D
    • 20 Dec 2010

    for something so cheap like this i have no regret! lol

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      • Luka
      • SXh
      • 26 Nov 2010

      It's a basic phone for calls and SMS, nothing else. Its weight is only 59 grams which is wonderful. You don't feel it in your pocket at all. If you don't want to have a brick in your pocket then buy this phone.

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        • bootxz
        • 5%X
        • 31 Oct 2010

        ahahha, im reading the opinions bout this phone , and a lot of people say that they regret in buying this phone , that it doesnt has any games and stuff like that, i have this phone cause i wanted a phone (not a psp or stuff like that ).. and i think if u guys spend a little more money , u might get the phone u wish... i mean its one of the cheapest phones ever pff

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          • Anonymous
          • LBu
          • 02 Aug 2010

          the security code usually is 0000 in some cases is 000000 but I'm pretty sure this one is 0000 (4 zeros) :) and btw I really really like the phone!!

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            • eshan.ctg
            • Pxx
            • 08 Jun 2010

            its awesm set yaar.my cl nmbr-8801673011560 cl me n know details of this set

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              • raja
              • 2SN
              • 19 Apr 2010

              i like very much

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                • Vasuman
                • Mh}
                • 12 Apr 2010

                Please some one tel me what is default password(or Security code) to change the settings. Also I want to know how stop the keypad sound as it irritates other who are with me and my self as well. Looking fwd yours help please again

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                  • Nyte
                  • njV
                  • 07 Jan 2010

                  I just love this phone. It gives me everything I need from a mobile phone (phone calls, SMS, battery life) at an extremely low price!

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                    • gaby
                    • PrR
                    • 26 Dec 2009

                    LOVE THIS PHONE .. nothing compares to it.. :P ... only yhing missing form being perfect are the games and some updated ringtones . everything else rocks.. its lightweighted, resistent (to practically ... ANYTHING..) ... hope you like it!

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                      • Abotsi Richard
                      • fue
                      • 24 Oct 2009

                      please i want to receive my messages on my sim but it goes to the phone...so how will i do it before it will go to the sim.

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                        • Salman
                        • uW5
                        • 04 Oct 2009

                        poor battery too crapy..and stupid nasty keypad

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                          • Luka
                          • 3qx
                          • 23 May 2009

                          Very bad sound. It has some kind of filter, you can't hear when somebody speaks quietly. Does anyone know if this filter can be turned off?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • wYE
                            • 12 May 2009

                            very good phone..much better than lg cookie and i- phone..nothing can beat it......it rocks!.......

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                              • dhk_boy
                              • uNV
                              • 26 Feb 2009

                              i think this is a good cell phone. but i am confused abt the battery.

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                                • sakurae92
                                • uC3
                                • 14 Feb 2009

                                yeah...i regret buy this phone...it has no game, and...argh..dont know what to say...just one sentence...i really really really regret buy this phone....

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                                  • sun
                                  • u4g
                                  • 29 Jan 2009

                                  Willoe, 06 Aug 2008I'm planning to buy this one. Even though I'm a teenager, I... moreDual band means in 900/1800 MHz freq (for voice & data transmission and receptions) supported network you can operate the phone.
                                  Tri band means in 900/1800.1900 Mhz freq supported network you can operate the phone.

                                  Most of the GSM networks support Dual band around the World except US and some other countries

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                                    • whiskas
                                    • 3qx
                                    • 21 Dec 2008

                                    how long battery holds ?

                                    pleas help, i think I could buy this phone

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                                      • wahaj
                                      • uNW
                                      • 03 Dec 2008

                                      i still this mobile. this is the best mobile in low rates..

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                                        • ali
                                        • u1t
                                        • 28 Nov 2008

                                        hi.a type of very bad thing.i hope u never buy.good luck