LG KG288

LG KG288

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  • leo breaker

Tauseef, 17 Jul 2008I purchased this it is very bad set hard buton and bettry go onl... moreyou are lying its battery fulls in 2 hours and last for 2 days

  • leo breaker

i parchase that mobile quite good but the key where hard to press

  • Waqas

I have purchased this phone yesterday. Only thing that I don't like is the key pad. I think the key pad is hard to press. Unlike other phones the keys are flat. They are not raised. Key pad is bit congested. I hope the keys get softer over the period of time, after usage. Another thing that I find difficult is that message editor is in black and white color. Other then that its a good phone. It took me about 2 hours to completely charge the new set. I hope the set proves to be good experience.

  • marveen

this is the best phone if u ride bike or working in rain i am using one. mine drop in the water many time and till now it is working fine it even have drop from my 2 storey house it is still good. a have been using phone for 10 years about 100 over brands and type but i tellu this is the best of the best

  • opanion 4 u

it is a nyc cell. looks stylish n simple to use.but it has very very hard keyz.keypad lights lukz beautiful in dark.lolzz but if u use it its quite simple attractive n affordable..must buy..

  • Sunburn

1. The screen is 128x128

2. Keys are very hard to press.

3. Look nice but that's all about it. Nothing brilliant compare to other budget phones.

  • Anonymous

hi.i am from pakistan and i am using this mobile from about a month. i have been using mobile phone from about 8 years and i change the sets very frequently and in my opinion this is a wonderful set in low budget. i had got a powerful fm and signal reception. battery life is also very good and a fully charge battery can sustain for about 3 days with heavy use and 4-5 days with average usage.charging time is about 3 hours not 7. another thing about this mobile phone is that it is very tough and can sustain very rough handling. i suggest you all that you should try this phone in accordance to your budget.

  • Tauseef

I purchased this it is very bad set hard buton and bettry go only 3 days and recharging takes 7 hours.