LG KM386

LG KM386

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  • steal

Yes this truly is a bad steal. Ít is a great proof of industrial espionage. Well done LG...
These kinds of phones were once made by ericsson and when Sony Ericsson took up the form factor again LG found out. Voila! freaking thieves.

  • meeia'se.motolover

jonathan, 26 Jun 2008a copycat of SE walkman, but, is a waste of time because the SE ... morehey ur ryt...this lg km386 is jst a copycat of d se w350....w35o is btter,cutier and got nice colrors, and have even a longlifebattery! its even the brand a high quality...what about this trying hard lg lkm386??a, cheap,branded phone....

  • Eko

Nice...!common LG,keep Beating the SE W350,love the key pad,nice and neat,abble to record and play video recorded! Muach...muach better thn SE 350! Viva LG! Definetely gud rcmnded!let's Buy it ppls!

  • remi

it is not a copy, this is old style and I like it. if phone will be black and nice price, I will buy

  • jonathan

a copycat of SE walkman, but, is a waste of time because the SE W350 sucks!!!

  • Anonymous

Sony ericsson W350 copy...

  • Anonymous

ha i knew it, the buttons on the top panel of the flip press the button under, thats smart!

  • Anonymous

Like SE W350i in terms of specifications and looks :) But I like this one!