LG KM500

LG KM500

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  • Kush

I have it an have used for an year bt has crashed n has nt found softwares to flash it...where do i get them..??

  • Suresh kumar

Can I get the battery of this model

  • nacht

Have it less than a year now and it's gone for repairs, again. Good camera, good mp3 player but if it fails me again it's gonna go.

  • AnonD-27637

The most retarded phone ever. I've been using it for 4 yrs. It's funny when it starts to play music, wonder around the menu, by it self...xD The display sometimes goes crazy like a screwed TV.The USB connection sucks. But talking about music,it's really good.

  • akikonomori

This cellphones uses to have many problems. It´s to break the USB/Power conector, and when u fix it, u have the risk to damage the motherboard tracks. The conector it´s not so strong , and it´s weird, only cells from LG uses this weird USB conectors. They may have to revise the making of such Cellphones with those conectors.

  • naveed anjum

i used this phone from one year.this phone has a very good feature . it is a very stylish phone and very light n weight.very excellent in battery and have good function.

  • lg user

good buttons, metal skin at the back make it stylish, a good music phone, smooth slider(better than samsung slider phones. power saving option .. bad battery life, very slow when you open images. hard uploading music and takes an hour. i rate this phone 8/10 ..

  • Pedro

I got this phone for about a year now and i'm very happy with it... i've got nothing to complaine, they could just make it a better job with the baterry, it could last longer and it could be abel to see pictures and listen to music at the same time, but besides that i think it´s a good phone

  • Anonymous

waste of time.it drops call,it goes off on its own,etc

  • Anonymous

it´s not a good phone, i´m tyred of these! is everytime turning off allone, and don´t have memorie for more than (mor or less) 60 mensages!!! i don´t know why i by this, i´m really really furious whith my phone, i´m reciving now mensages from 2 mounths ago.... i´m disapointed whit the lg ... an i will never by something from lg again....

  • viviana

i've got that phone about 1 year, and when im lestening to teh musci it turns it off! and it's too slow, and i tried to install three games and it did work. can someone explain how do that(games) my mail is vivi_anavalf@hotmail.com

  • me

i have lg km501 and it is similar with lg km500, only changed in color. the design is very good. the metal skin behind makes it elegant. the features are good but i am very disappointed with my phone. it is hard to open and i need to have patient trying ang trying to open it. my friends love it because of the design but somehow there are plenty of bad comments from them about the functions of lg phones.

  • D

Anyone know where I can get a replacement speaker for this phone? Mine collected way too much iron filings and took a dump recently. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • Lydia

Phone SUCKS!! shuts off al the time I always end up playing music when I don't want to. doesn't hold all my contacts and is super slow unless you take the battery out once a day.

  • Anonymous

try lg km501. .

  • cutie

I got the cell as a gift as well,and trust me it gets me mad.The cell would just go blank,then i would have to constantly turn the power button on in order to get service.When i would be on my cell,it would cut off as well.According to where i am,most times i cannot get service.This is not due to the company that i am with,but it has everything to do with my lg km500.

  • shammy

this phone sucks,the settings is always changing on its own,the camera doesnt work gd,the headset size is bigger than my ear hole, worst buy ever,try d nokia 5700,its better 100%

  • THEO

the phone is ok but shuts down most of the time if i i m listen to music now that is bad but love the sound,camera very gud for a 2mp phone

  • kk

i have this phone for 8 months now. its actually a gift.i actually brought this one to the lg main repair site here in our country because one time my battery was drained and it never opened again. my only problem is, ive been dealing with the pictures/songs/video that was deleted on my phone. it appears over and over again and it cant be removed. i don't know if my phone has virus or what. or because of the memory card. and can i put a 2gig mem card here? please help me.. or do i need to get this one repaired again and pay over a hundred bucks? thanks and please reply!

  • 3zzat

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2009I have bought this phone but manual was missing; cannot fin... morefor the manual check this link


i hope it helps u