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LG KM900 Arena

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Had this phone in late 2010. I have had the Viewty and Renoir and switched from a BlackBerry Curve. It felt awesome to be back in team LG!! I remember being so goal oriented and dedicated to my job to save up and get this phone lol
Going from the first three phones above to the Arena was a mixed feelings. Hated losing Multitasking, IM and Emails from the BlackBerry as well as the music keys! The Renoir has a fantastic Camera for pictures and video! The arena felt like a downgrade.
However the Arena has a music player that sounded heavenly. And the storage was 8GB built in! The Arena also didn’t have issues with memory cards the way Renoir and Viewty did! But I stuck it out for 8 months before I cracked my Arena!!!! Great phone!! My fallen little soldier!! I ended up going with the iPhone 3GS afterwards

  • AnonD-716026

This has a really high pixel density!

  • Anonymous

i am hav problem with my wifi


Anonymous, 11 Jan 2010anyone having problems connecting with wifi? are there certain s... morehow can i open my wifi it keep repeating it self no network

  • Anil Bhide

Writing to pay respect to this phone and I plan to buy LG K10 this week - latest phone by LG. In 2009 I purchased this phone it's still with me intact no damage - unable to get the battery replaced. In 2009 - it had 5 MP camera and a secondary camera as well - there was no selfie term famous but we used to take lot of our pictures using secondary camera. Good memory and it had FM radio / Music player as well. If I remember correctly then it was coined as iPhone killer in 2009.

  • AnonD-212727

Came back to pay it respect. This phone was pretty rocking, had 8GB or storage, 3.5mm jack, and music sounded sweet with Dolby surround. The camera did feel like a downgrade though but it wasn't bad at all very impressive just a bit grainy compared to the LG Renoir. Also the battery was incredibly weak, it did not last and took a good while to charge. I would recommend this phone however it is obviously outdated now hehe, texting was somewhat painful because of the keyboard at times it would shift and it was a bit slow. The phone itself ran very smooth and it had an impressive amount of third party java apps that would run very good like Facebook, IM+ and eBuddy. Email app was decent, browser was laggy but could get the job done, worked better in Opera Mini. I loved this phone it looked very stylish however the Black Arena was made out of cheap plastic and the Silver Arena was made of some metallic material that felt cool and tougher and looked better. Wish a 2015 version of Arena existed haha, I would totally buy it. This phone became very damaged. After many drops the touchscreen was not responsive one one side. The charger no longer works and the battery is very weak. Great phone overall I really loved it

  • Anonymous

Pradeep, 05 Nov 2014I've used this phone for a year.. it one of the best phone in th... moredoes it have android

  • barcha

batery is very weak

  • Pradeep

xelling, 04 Nov 2014I have a question. can I use it by English version and Korean v... moreI've used this phone for a year.. it one of the best phone in the year 2009 and was launched to compete iPhone one.. It's gonna be 2015 soon and this phone cannot complete now even with the low range android phone except for its great display, styling, superb sound quality and camera.. It was a great phone for taking pictures, listening to music and watching movies then. It does not have any OS like android,etc as Android wasn't launched or accepted by phone manufacturers.. This is a Java phone which will only support Java application.. Whatsapp or any other android application is not supported.. Battery is just 1000mah which is less than the basic low range android phones so don't expect this phone to run for too long. Can't stand even for full 12 hours if you continuously keep poking the display for some reason or watch videos for too long.. But seriously it was a great phone then in the year 2009 to use and used to attract everyone's attention when you watch videos while traveling as touch screen phones wasn't too famous then.. Hopes this helps.. Thank you

  • xelling

I have a question.
can I use it by English version and Korean version?
Please answer me!!!

  • Anonymous

This phone is very weak in browsing the internet. It freezes a lot. Very slow, what ever you want to do with it. The alarmclock never works. But 2 things are good. The camera and the desing of the phone.

  • lady

does fon support watsapp

  • Lati

plz phone close off and when i open it he make rest factory and i lost all sms calls contact
plz how can i recover all this thing and make it like before plz help me

  • imerio.

Good phne wth agreat touch sensor, it droped in water for 2hrs, removed dried it and stil worked well. the only problem z weak battery.

  • AnonD-223048

anytime i am call my screen locks automatically,why

  • AnonD-207585

it's not a smartphone! it has no os! you can't install whatsapp!

  • DisappointedJohn

By far the worst phone I've had, poor battery, frequent freezes, very slow for browsing or even playing music. The only good think was the camera.

  • Baker


Im accidentally delete mass storage folder, need folder structure.

thanks. sorry bad english

  • Jonas

Is it capable to use internet for how many hours i like ? If not, why ?

I just want to understand. Just to know what limits should i need to know to keep lgkm900 still works.

  • AnonD-198125

can i instal viber on this phone ???