LG KP100

LG KP100

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  • Adrian

allisonf, 11 Sep 2009Does anyone know how to lock the keypad on this phone please?Yes, press Menu and *, just like in Nokia phones. To unlock, press the left and then the right softkey (it will appear on the screen)

  • Rajesh

Not a gprs activated iam on thish phone

  • allisonf

Does anyone know how to lock the keypad on this phone please?

  • saroay

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2009Hi, do you still need a manual for this phone?hello sir plz unlock phone my IMEI NO.359476021657597

  • Anonymous

Joe, 06 Aug 2009I bought this one for £10 but I have lost the manual Could anyo... moreHi, do you still need a manual for this phone?

  • Adrian

Oh, and another thing I forgot to mention: you can set up to 3 independent alarms

  • Adrian

I have this phone for almost two weeks.

THE GOOD: I like the design of this phone and it's lite.. The screen has reasonable brightness (similar to my SE W810's) and the font is small to fit 5 lines of text on an SMS. About 3 or 4 of the ringtones are loud (sharp, that is) and the standby time is more than ok - (my case) around 11 days with little calls and a few games of Sudoku. The call volume is ok, but I haven't tried it yet in a noisy environment. Also, the speakerphone feature is loud enough. It's nice to have a calendar, but it's limmited to 20 appointments, so you can't put in your friends' birthdays to remind you each year..
- you can ajust backlight time for display and keys independently.
- you can set up the sms tone to repeat every 1 minute until you read all the new messages

THE BAD: The slow processor and keys that are hard to press. It's not good for texting. With or without T9, you can't write a FAST coherent SMS that's longer than ~120-140 characters. Beyond this number you'll have to slow down your input :P or else the its buffer won't remember all the keys you typed in. It can't send an SMS to multiple contacts either.
The callendar holds just 20 appointments :( and the separate "Memo" feature doesn't use alarms.
The last not-so-good-thing is it has just 10 available ringtones and 3 wallpapers to choose from, with no possibility to add more
A MINUS: The phone doesn't display anything in standby, to see what time it is or if you missed a call while in silent mode, you must press a random key.

Memory info:
SMS: 100
Contacts: 300 (with 3 numbers each)
Calendar: 20 appointments with 20 characters each
Memo: 10 with 80 characters each

Overall, a decent basic phone for those who aren't sms lovers, with nice design, good battery backup, but with no standby display.

  • Joe

I bought this one for £10 but I have lost the manual Could anyone help. Thanks

  • Sandy

Poor phone; but what do I expect for £7.99 while Im on job seekers

  • Anonymous

Marko, 18 May 2009This specifions isn't correct, mine have touch screen and WiFiNo it doesn't, you have a diffrent model.

  • fiaz

great little phone very easy use

  • Adam

i bought this phone today and at first i wasnt keen on it but now i am

  • Marko

This specifions isn't correct, mine have touch screen and WiFi

  • Frédéric

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2009It is a good phone. EXCEPT: The screen becomes unreadable after... moretry : menu, parameters,number 8 energy saving, maybe be it's locked on "all day long" , change to"night only"

  • nothing

great,battery 7 days

  • Anonymous

It is a good phone. EXCEPT:
The screen becomes unreadable after seconds of using it...so dark...any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

Well, I needed a phone, so I bought the cheapest one.

What I ve found is a mobile phone with:
- long battery life
- short charging time
- simple menu
What else do I need? Well I don't need a camera-mp3 player-java ready-net surfer-delicate-silicon-monster. Maybe bluetooth is the only thing I miss (so I can backup the contacts, but that has more to do with my hability to break and lose these tiny things).

This phone really do its job.

  • dave

i want to registered my bank account in my phone, but i can't do it? please give me solution about it? thanks

  • abdullah hanif

design emang bagus,dan baterainya tahan lama,cuma sinyal masih kurang kuat,dan ketika ngirim sms masih butuh beberapa waktu nyampainya....

  • isaac

well am using some of this phone and trust me the battery can last for good five day it,s all about how you use it.

this phone is simple.