LG KP265

LG KP265

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  • Erulan

This model wothout 3.5mm audio jack!

  • Sharon

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2008Looks like it has a powerful speakerI totally disagree - I can't hear my phone ring - i can't hear anyone speaking when they phone me - it is set at the highest volume setting ..... any suggetions?

ps my hearing is perfect so it's not my hearing !!


  • hardi

I like little screen, because little screen use not much battery.

  • tushar chougule

screen size is small but look is veryyyyyyyyyyyyy gooddddddddddd colour combination is very very very gooddddddddddddddddddddd

  • bigcheez

the degree of fail this handset exudes is unprecidented. epic failure right here. it over flows with fail. srsly, someone really set LG up the bomb

  • Anonymous

it is cool a specialy for a schoolgirl of
7 years old

  • emilie

looks nice.. color is pretty. i really like its frontside speaker =)


its coooooooooooooolllllllllllllll

  • Alex

WoW It's really wonderful phone. This phone is really good at design and facilities of camera. I'm very proud of this phone

  • krom

This phone is bought by mothers to give it for teis son's/daughter's 10th birthday party:)

  • LG lover and hater

this phone is ugly......
LG is not even in the top-3 makers
why people say bad things about motorola designs??
this phone is ugly

  • Amit

GM, 29 Jul 2008junk piece, I think LG should concentrate on other consumer elec... moreSo you haven't seen the Prada or the viewty or ANY of their last 10 phones?

  • Ashutoshweta

A very Nice Phone.

  • Andrew

I Think it's a Very Good Phone

  • Anonymous

Looks like it has a powerful speaker

  • Julie

The red outline is quite pretty. I like LG phones' design recently, it's much better than Nokia.

  • GM

junk piece, I think LG should concentrate on other consumer electronic rather than mobile. I never come across a good one from LG

  • tech fanatic

adero, 29 Jul 2008It's nice but the screen is to small and the camera is poor.It's... more1-i strongly advise you to stay away from lg kf600
2-this is a low to mid range music phone apparently

  • tyler

finally a 3.5mm output jack on a basic phone like this, love it!

  • adero

It's nice but the screen is to small and the camera is poor.It's also too thik.It needs more applications.I really like LG but i think i'll buy something else from them.