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LG KU990 Viewty

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I had this phone way back when I was doing my engineering. My this particular phone was very much in demand among my friends as they use to ask me if I can lend them my phone so that they can take photographs in their outing or any program. Everything war great in this phone except for the software. That time I also had Nokia N76 flip phone which was much better in terms of software as I could install apps in symbian OS.The touchscreen was terrible to use as it was resistive touchscreen although it came with a stylus.The stylus looked like a thin lipstick 💄

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    • Solid Snake TX
    • IbG
    • 17 Sep 2020

    Decided to drop a line. I acquired this phone in 2008. Personally I liked the bold black design, very slick. Smooth metallic frame. The camera gave it quite the personality. The inside was just a basic phone with a stubborn touch screen. The fish lock screen is irreplaceable to this day. And the video game it had built inside was surprisingly familiar and fun. I will say despite the 5MP camera, the image quality looked washed out. But video recording was perfect. Captured some great moments with that video recorder. The music player was a hassle specially considering it had no equalizer, often the music sounded harsh. One main issue was the memory card fiasco LG seemed to have with its devices. I still have this phone to this day, it’s incredibly old and outdated. The camera causes the phone to crash at times if recording.

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      • Anonymous
      • B}Q
      • 29 Nov 2019

      SAR rating of this phone is unmatched even today.

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        • Dell
        • MPc
        • 02 Aug 2019

        AJ Styles, 29 Sep 2018The concept of this phone to this day amazes me. Loved the ... moreTotally agree, I had this phone when it first came out and it felt lightyears ahead of anything on the market at the time. Took it on holiday to Thailand with me and captured some absolutely stunning photographs.

        Very few phones at the time had Schneider Kreuznach optics.

          The concept of this phone to this day amazes me. Loved the design and I actually thought the camera was pretty decent! Great memories from 2009-2010!! I felt horrible when I bricked my phone from doing the iPhone flash!! Lol

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            • AnonD-747672
            • B{6
            • 02 Apr 2018

            I had this phone around 2008/9 and it was one of the worst I've ever had! The software was slow and buggy and it had to be sent back twice. Eventually replaced it with a Nokia 5230 which still works to this day (02/04/2018)!

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              • Kate
              • 73Z
              • 29 Dec 2017

              My first phone. Admiring and Beautiful design. Amazing memories of 2010.

              Today's modern phones are more developed and more features compare to those days phone.

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                • Anonymous
                • 3Ac
                • 10 Jul 2017

                Amazing phone for its time, in my opinion. The camera was great, the build quality was BRILLIANT. Only bad thing was the glitchy Flash user interface.

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                  • AnonD-545066
                  • PZU
                  • 01 Jul 2016

                  I just bought one for NZ$10.00 Not bad for a 5MP camera.

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                    • AnonD-424301
                    • 32U
                    • 12 Feb 2016

                    I ordered this phone on eBay for £7.90 and im going to use it as my main camera.

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                      • AnonD-212727
                      • 7JS
                      • 25 Jun 2015

                      Came to pay my respects to this phone. I loved it when I first saw it. The design was very handsome. People would often ask if it was the iPhone or if it was a camera lol. The camera was superb! Was pretty awful at taking pictures but the video quality was great! The LG Renoir took better pictures. I recorded so many great memories with family friends and events with this phone. The phone itself was very basic, but very colorful and fun. Mp3 player lacked Equalizer and 3,5mm jack, no wifi. Battery was fairly strong at times and weak for heavy usage. The Viewty Renoir and Arena will always be my favorite phones

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                        • Milanisti
                        • tA$
                        • 07 Jun 2015

                        Anonymous, 09 Apr 2015can an LGKU990 downlaod whatsapp It cant bro

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 4m}
                          • 09 Apr 2015

                          can an LGKU990 downlaod whatsapp

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                            • iykej
                            • ftV
                            • 17 Mar 2015

                            how cn i browse with mtn in my LG kU990

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                              • Anonymous
                              • t7}
                              • 23 Jan 2015

                              I have an lg KU990-V10d. I would like to know if this fon has a viber app. tnx

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                                • Guelfling
                                • pqy
                                • 23 Nov 2014

                                Weird little phone, but one gets used to it soon enough. Nice design and still a pretty decent camera. Mine proved to be a very good buy (for the discounted price from my service provider): bought it in dec. 2008, still works as good as new, w. original battery :)

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                                  • JPOH
                                  • nIW
                                  • 28 Sep 2014

                                  How do I get my contacts from my phone to my car phone

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                                    • tom
                                    • smP
                                    • 21 Sep 2014

                                    I used to have this phone. Purchased it right after it was relised on the market and paid a fotune for it.
                                    That phone is useless. Was glitching non stop and constantly freezing. Because of this bad experience with that phone i would never even buy any other LG smartphone.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • pJr
                                      • 26 Jul 2014

                                      AnonD-278288, 28 Jun 2014I got this phone but dont know the password. What i can do ?Hi to reset to factory settings remove the sim card, dial 3848#*990#xxxxx this will bring up an option to factory reset, just did my old one... :)

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                                        • uZa
                                        • 13 Jul 2014

                                        Ajay, 13 Sep 2013I need a camera for my lg ku990.because my phone camera was... moreI have camra,