LG L80

LG L80

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  • strekoza

I have this phone from 2014 till now. battery works perfectly, except in cold :D now there is problem with location sometimes (hard to drive with waze) and smth wrong with camera... and speed of course, isnt as fast as it was 4 years ago.
now searching for better LG :)

  • liz

hi my phone wifi keep blinking turning on but it gets stuck there it wont show any wifi signals . i tried factory reset and nothing any ideas

  • consumer

Not good. camera and radio poor quality

  • Lg l80 user

Very good phone works nice

  • pradeep

its not good always show sufficient space & hang problem

  • vicky

Its a good phone but specification says 8gb internal memory.. Mine have 2gb.. Is it upgradable???

  • sammi

It's good working mobile

  • Anonymous

its to good

  • AnonD-426819

Its very slow and its a bad camera pls dont buy this

  • Anonymous

8MP camera with just 480p video recording is major minus on this phone. There's phones with 5MP cameras that records 1080p. I know, quality of that videos is very low...but still, it's nice to have at least 720p video recording as an option.

  • Anonymous

Have it, love it

  • Anonymous

nice ..i hve it ..really good