LG L90 D405

LG L90 D405

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  • south Azarbaijan

aaaaaaaaa, 12 Mar 2020wasn't this phone on android 5.1.1LG L90 7.1.2 ROM


aaaaaaaaa, 12 Mar 2020wasn't this phone on android 5.1.1I had it on 5.0.2
Depends on region I suppose.

  • aaaaaaaaa

wasn't this phone on android 5.1.1

  • henkie

I got a LG L90 a friend was not using anymore. It was slow as hell and occassionally crashing. I have installed LineageOS on this thing, and now it runs great. It runs much better than when it was new. This 2014 phone now has the dec 2018 security things on it, because of the regular updates of LineageOS. Quite happy with the thing now.

This was my first phone ever. Great device for me as a 5th grader

  • Toli

GPS Not working 90% of the time.

  • Maris

in 2014 purchased 2 phones, both still work, still original batteries hold normal working day. Not sure how many other phones could show this.
Of course it is slower nowadays, but still does its function.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-736257, 09 Feb 2018My phone is blocked i did not have PIN code. Help.You can remove the pin lock with a master reset (using the hardware keys). You cant back up so you will lose all your files (photos, music, videos and downloaded apps) but it will get rid of the pin lock. Here's what you have to do:
Power off the device.
Press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys for 3 seconds or until the LG logo appears.
While still holding Volume down key, quickly release the Power key, then quickly press and hold the Power key again.
Release all keys when the Factory data reset screen appears.
Use the Volume keys to select Yes or No and then press the Power key to confirm.
Select Yes again to confirm

Once your phone turns on it should no longer have a pin code lock.

  • Anonymous

this phone,doesnt really have important feature to login when password is forgotten ,never use this

  • AnonD-736257

My phone is blocked i did not have PIN code. Help.

  • AnonD-726725

The LG Optimus L90 was my very first phone and for the time, it was definitely great for me. The camera took nice photos despite only being 5mp, it took good closeups, the screen may only be about 720p but it looked good to me, and it was a snappy phone for the time I had it in 2014-2015. However, nowadays I wouldn't recommend getting it since the Optimus series as a whole has been discontinued and from what I've heard it's a slow phone. If you want a good LG budget phone like the L90, get the G Stylo 3+ or the Aristo.

  • Elen

jj, 18 May 2017Worked perfectly for me for 2 years. after 1 year updated ... moreI´m so glad I am not the only one with these issues. After the last operating system update I need to get a new phone because my LG l90 got desperately slow:-/ Otherwise it worked perfectly for 3 years...

  • L90

a big winner when compared to A3 2017:
- 2X battery life! (combination good battery capacity + true screen resolution)
- same performance with lower cpu heat (true screen resolution)
- built quality not decrease after 3 years (lower heat = more life)

  • jj

Worked perfectly for me for 2 years.
after 1 year updated operating system and got a tiny bit slower
after 2nd year updated operating system a again and got much slower.
still for the first 2 years it was a very good phone.

  • Trooper

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2017fake internal memoryRubbish!, prove it ?.

  • Anonymous

fake internal memory

  • AnonD-626834

Possibly the worst phone I have had in over 30 years - never got a good signaland if you tuirn off the wifi it is supposed to bet better but not a lot. Mine has been back to virgin who never addressed the signal error, fixed the faulty microphone but now won't connect to blue tooth and they have wiped their hands of it by using the excuse that where my keys tubbed on it is damage and it is rejected for warranty putposes

Eventually they told me of the wifi swith off but isn't that defeating the object of having it but apparently they tell me it has only one ariel hence the problem.

I have had it for around 18 months of Which I have had around 3 months frustrating use and have been using my old HTC HD7 which has a superior ariel which receives 4-5 strength compared with 0-1 on this pile of junk

Virgin offer the earth on giving you a better so called cheaper contract but with phones like this it id not worth it when you have togo back to your old one to reveive calls. Looking forward to June when my contract ends as I have allready discontinued the phone and can then disacontinue the equally frustrating supplier.0

  • AnonD-574022

heeello, 24 Nov 2016hello to everyone, I have bought this phone in 2015 May I t... moreYou're right :)
I once had this phone and is not very good. (slow, camera is bad)

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for about 2.5 years, it has been working fine. once you flash the slimrom 6.0 from xda site, it works even better, very smooth, even though sometimes it will take several seconds to open large apps. I don't play a lot of games on the phone, but this phone can handle games like "i love pasta" just fine. the only downside is that the internal storage is only 8G. I haven't tried the tool from xda to partition memory to get more storage yet because I don't want to risk to brick my phone. I just don't see the reason to get a new phone.

  • heeello

hello to everyone, I have bought this phone in 2015 May I think and with 1,5 years experience this is what can I say about this phone:
Front camera is not very good, but it still can make some decent photos, front camera is very bad, it takes better photos only in daylight, but in room it's awful. Phone is not very fast, but it works good if you use simple apps like all social media apps(facebook, instagram, twitter and etc) because of ram issue, you have like 400mb of free ram. Battery is decent, better buy a powerbank because if you use this phone with internet very often, battery will run out in about 5-6 hours. Speakers is ok, not complaining and size for my hand is perfect.
So in conclusion I do not recommend this phone unless you don't need good camera and fast working, I don't know this phone price in nowadays, but when I bought it was 150 euros, so better save some money and buy a better phone, like lg x Power(in my country it costs with sale 180eu, without 200 +-) or something. Good luck!