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LG M4410

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  • aakun

Hi guys, the lg M4410 does its video recording in a format which is .lmj you can see this if you transfer your videos to a pc the video format will say .lmj and i am not able to play these movies on the pc tried some good media players but it still does not play on pc, if can find any software to convert the videos into .lmj format maybe the might be able to play them, hey if find any such software that coverts videos into .lmj then please email me at aakungrg@gmail.com

  • suresh

its an waste mobile it does not contains fm also

if any body get an software for this mobile means sent it to my mail

  • Anonymous

bad battery

  • Anonymous

i had used it 4 last 5 months....wat i came 2 know is dat it is not dat user friendly...
regarding videos it shud hav sound also...n LG models doesnt hav resell price...otherwise d handset is gr8

  • minhaj

the mobile doesn't support the video and there is a option of silent movie but we cant acces that thing also. my opinion is only upto that level but my suggestion to the company to make it user friendly that it helps the people to understand or the evrything is best but if the company having a more technical persons than use the other operating system like symbian or some new that helps to support the softwares and make it easy to use. mostly the problems reveal because of not understanding the mobile use and thier availiability to how to use and download the softwares. please lg company be pay attention to this i m yhe user so i know the upcoming problems if u want to compete with other mobile phones make it like as people want it. thanking you


this mobile is good it deserve to be lg m4410

  • Dr.Arshad Kalliath

it seems that the original equipment battery is a poor performer vis a vis spare original battery,available thru authorized service centers.tough body,excellent voice clarity,average microphone clarity. alarm function inactivated if we switch off the set.

  • shankar

vedio player is not access.

  • nin

I had that battery problem and have almost decided to discard the Telephone. But before I did that someone gave me and advice. Buy a new battery. Now the telephone holds more than any other mobile I had before.. but the problem is that the producers don`t see it as their interesent to produce and sell the battery separetely

  • Swets

Can anyone tell me how to store the image in .JPG format as for last some days it started storing the images in .BMP format which is not acceptable while downloading it in computer.

  • bhai

the battery life is pathetic, cannot speak for long without worrying about a dead battery! the pic quality is bad when not in direct sunlight, video quality is poor, the flash thingy is just a torch - doesnt help picture quality, has the tendency to hang in mid operation... bluetooth is okayish... no speaker phone, no fm, voice recording is limited.... looks are stunning (maybe the only saving grace)

  • cynthia

This phone is a disgrace to the human race!! this mobile sucks, ok its like this i love listening to mp3 music but this dam mobile give me a very hard time on downloading songs and the camera doesn't even have sound on it.

  • rev

Can somebody tell me how to take the photos in .JPG format? For me it is getting stored in BMP format.

  • luxxie

i guys!!
i bought the lg chocolate phone last year and sent it in 4 times for repairs the recieved a brand new replacement which has the same problems, i have won the fight of getting another model of mobile, the lg M4410.
I have been told by vodafone that this is a good reliable phone but i have read all these opinions and now i not so confident, is this a good phone reliable phone???

  • santosh

Hi, guies this phone look of model is good but its features(means battery, usb data means pc to phone, bluetooth, is very bad,cant record more than time limit is very low about video/sound.cant ply other phones video clips in this phone this is very bad)only this phone mp3 sound is very nice.

  • Anonymous

the fone is just ok..so big deal about this..no speaker phone..battery life is not good..supports only max of 128M external card..cannot play video files..the music phone as it is said is no good for the poor memory it supprots !!!! In 128 MB u can store maximum of 25 songs!!!! and it does not play any other format tham MP3..

more so..u cannot install softwares likes in Nokia..i cannot figure out how t install games on the phone from PC.....pl can any body help me for that!!!

one good thing is that bluetooth headset came free with the phone....

over all - not a phone to go for ..u have better options (Nokia & Sony Ericsson)available in the market for the same price..

  • Anonymous

LGM4410 really one of the most wondering when I bought I thougt lot of option with gud price but now I feel Am really fool to buy this phone ....
often hangs..
not more than 5 min I cannot talk continious...
where is the speaker to talk....
not able to take continious video...
non supportable in other foramt of video player.....
worst worst worst of all phone......
Do LG is going to pay back no ..atleast we can stop the people going in wrong way to buy this model......

  • megan

good phone, just poor battery. :[

  • Firoz

This is a very cool phone and i am very happy with this phone.Can any one please tell me which video format this phone play because i want to load some videos in my phone to watch.

  • caroline

Not the quality phone id expected!!! Poor battery life, keypad not working properly, cant download mp3, even though mp3 phone!! had to buy external memory card as memory not good. the only thing nice bout this phone is its sound quality.