LG makes its Wine Smart flip smartphone official in Korea

22 September, 2014

LGís teaser of its Wine Smart device last week caught more than a few people by surprise, as clamshell phones have long since gone the way of the dinosaur with the emergence of smartphones. The Wine Smart is apparently the companyís attempt to combine the two, and its official announcement of the Wine Smart for Korea this week confirms that the device will run Android KitKat.

It will, however, apparently be targeted at specifically at elderly or handicapped users, and itís unlikely to make its way outside of the Korean market.

Specs-wise, the markedly entry-level device features a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 320 x 480px display at 3.5-inches. Itíll have 4GB of internal storage and its 1,700mAh battery will be removable.

The LG Wine Smart will be hitting the Korean market in White and Black on September 26.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

the recent news said that LG Wine will be available worldwide. starting with Europe and Japan. that's a smart and bold move from LG, since no other manufacturers brave enough to distribute their clamshell smartphone worldwide.

  • Shehzu

Its very stylish and smart phone by lg.....with different look

  • AnonD-359974

It seems like a good one, when can we expect this in India? eagerly waiting for new Flip models