LG starts unlocking its bootloaders, G4 goes first

02 June, 2015

LG has announced that it will be providing official bootloader unlock tools for some of its handsets. Such actions are definitely not unheard of, but, it is always a nice touch when a manufacturer shows such love for third party developers.

An open bootloader allows a lot more access to a devices hardware and, consequently, fuels things like custom ROM development, kernel mods and various other low-level modifications. Actually, such tools were promised by LG as early as last year, for the LG G3. However, it is the EU version (H815) of the latest G4 to get a bootloader unlock first.

The tool can be download from the official LG developer's portal, linked in the source. The company has also promised that support for more models is on the way. As far as older models go, the modding scene has already taken care of that in most cases, but even then, an official tool is always better, not to mention less brick-prone.

Also, if you intend to unlock your bootloader and play around, be warned that any such action voids the warranty.

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