LG Optimus 3D Max is official, gives you more 3D enhancements

22 February, 2012

LG just unveiled the glasses-free 3D smartphone Optimus 3D Max. The announcements comes hot on the heels of the Optimus 3D Cube and the two smartphones are almost identical in terms of specs.

The LG Optimus 3D Max sports the same 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, dual 5MP camera, NFC capabilities and even Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box. ICS updates for both should come right after they launch.

Differences come from the 3D Max's screen, which is a conventional WVGA 4.3 LCD, rather than Cube's 4.3-inch NOVA display and the internal memory, which is only 8GB for the Max.

LG Optimus 3D Max

As the name of the smartphone suggests, there are some stereoscopic extras on board the 3D Max not found in the Cube. For example, the Max features an HD Converter, which upconverts games and apps to HD resolution when connected to an HDTV via MHL. There's also a 3D converter, which converts 2D apps like Google Earth and Google Maps to 3D.

The camera of the Optimus 3D Max has also visited the LG feature factory and got a range finder and selective focus shooting. We'll be getting to try those features at the MWC, starting next week and we'll make sure to keep you updated on their real life performance.

The Optimus 3D Max will hit in Korea in March with global availability coming up shortly after.


Reader comments

  • AK

I am using LG Optimus last 6 month. It is excellent compare to other phones.Only problem is battery drain very fast may be in couple of hours and camera is slow.Hope this 2 issues will be solved in new release.

  • AnonD-43571

Hmm, i've tried some 3D phones and must say i like the way they're innovating, but same as the other 3d consoles for example, users tend to get a headache after just a few minutes of using these, i think it'll be pretty pricey to make these looking a...

  • hat-red

3D in phones is the dumbest thing since... well, since 3D in TV. i tried one 3D phone on a local store and i got a headache from less than a minute of use. other than that, the image quality on 3D (still talking about that phone. i guess it was LG) w...