LG Optimus 4X HD P880

LG Optimus 4X HD P880

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  • Joe

Battery got bad and phone got extremely laggy quickly. Wouldn't recommend LG to anyone based on this.

  • Jo

Robert, 13 Mar 2017Well, I had this phone for 3 and a half years and it is tim... moreGet away from LG. I had that one, returned it after weeks, battery was awful, heated like hell. Then I got an G3 great at the beginning then the battery issues and heating. My friends were saying wonders so I went for the G4 guess whats happening now? I'm done with LG.

  • Anonymous

zou can upgrade at 4.2.2

  • AnonD-675982

This is my favorite smartphone ever! It's timeless and despite old jelly bean 4.1 and occasional overheating issues still relevant when it comes to brutal screen brightness, cpu, gpu, 8 MP camera and full hd video resolution. Also I always liked it's tight slick design. It survived 5 years of heavy usage and all kinds of falls but now this baby is starting to lag a little bit too much :/

  • gel

Hi guys. I just wanna ask, were you able to upgrade the OS? Mine is stuck in ‎4.0.4 and there's no updates available. I can't install apps on the playstore it says that the device is not compatible. I have tried various method to try and upgrade but still no luck. Can anyone please help?

  • yarms

Tye battery does not last

  • Robert

Well, I had this phone for 3 and a half years and it is time to tell my opinion. For the first 2 years the phone worked fine, but now it just can't keep up, it lags A LOT, 1gb of RAM is not enough for the 2017 apps. The camera is good, takes some great pictures (although the front camera is kinda bad). The battery life is bad, and it gets super hot after spending some time playing games, or just browsing the internet. It was a good phone, but now it's time for an upgrade ;)

  • Seishinn

Have this phone for 4 years and it is still good and working for me! although the battery sucks now maybe because the phone is too old.
Like the other users, I've also experienced the hard to press power and volume buttons but I solved it by using alcohol on those buttons while the phone's battery is removed.
I've also dropped this phone numerous times because I'm careless. But the screen didn't crack and still scratchless.
Overall, I think this phone is worth it.

  • Unsatisfied

I've had the same problem as the previous user. The phone was okay for the first 18-24 months, but after that became terribly slow. Loading the home screen can take tens of seconds, and major lag is noticeable in most places. I've tried returning to factory settings and cleaning the cache, but they don't help. I would not recommend LG phones.

  • Optimus 4X user

In the beginning I was very happy with this phone. Phone was really good looking: appearance, display quality, camera shots (had some problems with focus, not smooth focus), the UI appearance was very nice for me. Weather widget looked great. But after some time of usage it began to lag as sh*t. Even to open a phonebook last about 15-20 sec. When I was going back to home screen, every icon of apps was loading once again and at that time phone is completely unusable. For navigation to start working (finding location) it took about 10 min.. Battery was very weak, drains in your eyes. When using browser (especially on wi-fi) phone gets very laggy. Then I was very disappointed and really angree, I wanted to change this phone as soon as possible. But then I found a solution. I've disabled MLT function and used Nova launcher. Then phone became highly usable without almost any lag. At the end of the warranty I decided to root this phone and flash custom ROM. I tried various of them CM 11, 12, MM, Nameless, Resurection Remix, omniROM, Enox ReloadedFx, BlisPop (which was highly usable and really nice visually, but sometimes it crashed and had some bugs. Really liked its enhanced camera and sound) and finally I tried Zaiben, which I am using now and it is the most stable of all them and really smooth with decent battery life. I phone would be working like this from the beginning I think I would had very good opinion about it, but now I think my next phone will not be LG. At least at this moment. I think next gen LG mobile phones are really good, advanced, but they are too big and I doubt about their battery.

  • pecko

Extra phone...some help if someone know how to delete files,picture and video from "auto backup" folder...thanks...

  • AnonD-521826

AnonD-40647, 12 May 2016ok my friend, i found it only 184 mb? is that the one you m... moreYes, this is the one. & yes, everything seems to be working fine. Make sure to backup your current ROM in case you don't like the new one so you can always go back.

btw, the link appears to be broken because GSMArena is inserting a soft hyphen inside it for some reason. remove it and boom it works!

  • AnonD-40647

AnonD-521826, 06 May 2016sure! I'm running Euphoria version 1.0-p880-20150130 (Andro... moreok my friend, i found it only 184 mb? is that the one you mean:

you tried it well? speedy? doesn't have major problems? is everything working well? wifi? mobile data? networks? camera? playstore and call quality??

  • AnonD-521826

AnonD-40647, 06 May 2016what is the name of that rom,, could u provide links please?sure! I'm running Euphoria version 1.0-p880-20150130 (Android 5.0.2), here's a download link https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95916177934520325 and here's the XDA thread http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-4x-hd/help/qa-euphoria-os-1-0-beta-unofficial-t2991731 (i'm not running the latest version of Euphoria because it's not as stable as 20150130)

  • AnonD-40647

AnonD-521826, 02 Apr 2016I've had this phone since its launch and I lost it once, th... morewhat is the name of that rom,, could u provide links please?

  • AnonD-521826

I've had this phone since its launch and I lost it once, then I bought another one of the same model! I'm running a custom ROM and it's super smooth & never overheats.

  • ze7zez

I am also happy with the P880 after taking root, removing blootware and installing the Tegra Overlock.

  • Max

..installed Marschamllow :)

xda forums rules

  • sometime

juste don't buy it buy anything else this is my opinion don't do the same error like me this is a buggy phone bug bug bug bug bug bug

  • Dizdo

I've used that phone for 3 years now. The first year was fine and I was happy with the phone. After this problems started. Today it is extremely laggy, has to be restarted a couple of times every week, even though I've made a complete factory reset twice. Also poor quality of the plastic frame (broke off on the bottom) and the volume control buttons are not working anymore. All in ll I've been disappointed and my next phone will not be a LG again.