LG Optimus Black ICS update confirmed by the retail box stamp

20 August, 2012

Update, August 22: The source - TechCovet - has just confirmed the stickers were put there by the retailer to increase the sales. With the last hope gone it seems the Optimus Black will be stuck on Gingerbread forever. Sorry, folks!

LGís PR is not having the best of streaks recently. First Optimus 2X and Black were supposed to get ICS updates. Then they were apparently left out of the fun according to LG Canada. Later on, the LG Optimus 2X ICS was confirmed again, or at least in Korea.

Even though the mess grows bigger and more confusing, LG Global still has nothing to say on the matter.

LG Optimus Black retail box

Thankfully, the latest retail boxes of LG Optimus Black are talking. They come with "Android 4.0 ICS upgradable" stickers. There is no info where exactly you can find the pictured boxes (though they are labeled in English, which leaves South Korea out of the question) or which retailer was offering them. There is a chance these units were released months before LG decided not to update the Optimus Black, or it is some retailerís attempt to clear its dusty Optimus Black stock.

Whatever turns to be the case, the boxes seem legitimate and if LG fails to push the ICS update, the Koreans should probably expect an angry crowd to drag them to court.

Thank you, Banerjee, for the tip!