LG Optimus Black P970

LG Optimus Black P970

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  • AnonD-14681

thank you for ur reply alam.
with in 4 days I am going to buy tis fone

  • AnonD-32720

AnonD-32090, 28 Nov 20112.3 updates fr OB is available(28/11/11) 1) i used lg s/w updat... moreSame happend with me........... But i tryed to update before 1 month... Update was abt 241mb... ryt???

  • alam2lg

hlo,Mr Rt ths s nt true.it dont hv ovr ht& singl prolm.i us it sncs 2 mont.its vry NICE.....phone.

  • AnonD-14681

hi every one
I want to buy tis fone low price and good specs....
but I read in some reviews that tis fone have serious signal problems and heating up always..is this true.......

users of l
LG OB please reply mee.

thank you

  • AnonD-32665

how u update it to gingerbread?

  • shiwa

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2011sure? btw wats the current software version available?mine is v10dLatest version is 2.2.2 V10f. You can just connect the mobile and update it using LG Mobile Update Tool. I will download some 250MB of OS from net and install the same on your mobile. Nothing geeky though!!! :)

  • AnonD-30128

hello mates,
I bought this before 2 days.
I cant evaluate now itself the performance and behavior of this mobile with just 2 days experience...
So far its nice.., need 1 month to tell more about the performance and behavior.
But I can say surely LG optimus black is much much better than Samsung galaxy mobiles in many ways..
By the way,
when GB upgrade comes for OB in India?
Any official news from LG?
Please share.

  • IceSmacker

Hi everyone,

I have this phone for 2 weeks now and here's my feedback.

Display is very good even under direct sunlight.
It's fast and very responding.
Good signaling and WIFI!
The sound quality is good with the original earphone but will be better with an earphone like sony :)
Call quality is great!
Speaker volume is quite good.
Pictures taken with the camera 5 MP are great during the day, but quality is poorer for photos taken at night.
Good apps can be found on the android market or on isohunt.com.

Overall 9/10 Score :)

If you are thinking to buy this phone, go for it! You will not regret it! Trust me i've compared the OB with other phones such as Samsung Galaxy S1, Nokia 701 etc..and the LG Optimus Black P 970 was the winner :)

  • Whatever

Can someone please tell me if this phone is alright....because my mom says that nokia is better but i don't agree.....thanks.

  • Anonymous

vineet, 26 Nov 2011please tell which video format does it support?? avi, mp4 ,plea... moreits an awsome phone
dont go for nokia 701 its waste of money

  • Anonymous

Guest_star, 30 Nov 2011Gingerbread is due in 1st week in decembar as far as I know...sure? btw wats the current software version available?mine is v10d

  • Anonymous

dj, 30 Nov 2011hey friends, got my LG OB a week back but having a bit problem ... moreya. same here..but tats nothin to worry abt.u arent gonna be squeezing ur phone rite!?

  • Urban C}{aos

Awesome phone ..!! Worth every rupee spent ..!!
I am the proud owner of LG Optimus Black & I'll say that after purchasing this gem of a smartphone, I have no regrets whatsoever.
- The 4" Nova Gorilla Glass display is perhaps the best feature.
- Great internet & gallery browsing experience.
- The Camera is above average & quite upto the mark (Could Do Better)
- The battery life is superb. I use mine for loooooooong phone calls, wi-fi & web browsing. It still lasts me more than a day & half. That's pretty impressive.
- The Gesture button is way too cool. Plus, you will have one of the best touch screen experience.
- Android ICS has also been announced for the LGOB. Thats totally awesome..!!
- Although I am still waiting for my Gingerbread update in India. When the hell is that gonna happen?

I would totally recommend this phone guys...!!

  • AnonD-31587

Hi All,

I asked customer care for the gingerbread update.
Following is the reply:
"Thanks for sharing your concern with us.
The Gingerbread (2.3 version) will come in 3rd week of December for LGP970."

  • Guest_star

Gingerbread is due in 1st week in decembar as far as I know...

  • dj

hey friends,
got my LG OB a week back but having a bit problem its back cover is a bit weak it makes a creaking sound when held firmly. Does anyone there have the same problem please help...

  • dtthakurdeepak

nice pick

  • Urban C}{aos

Howard Roark, 29 Nov 20112.3 (Ginger bread) update is available for LG Optimus Black. One... moreBuddy... is this true?? Which country are you from? As far as I know .. Gingerbread for LG OPTMUS BLACK has been postponed :(

  • vineet

AnonD-32079, 29 Nov 2011My frn hav i9000 n i hav compared with his fon..i hav played a m... morethanks bro u solved my problem and clearded all my doubts


AnonD-32090, 28 Nov 20112.3 updates fr OB is available(28/11/11) 1) i used lg s/w updat... moreSamething happend to me