LG Optimus Chic E720

LG Optimus Chic E720

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  • Anonymous

Considering I picked this thing up for $60 taxes in with my staff discount and it came with $30 in activation credits, it was 100% worth it. No issues at all with it so far. Battery life is just fine (dunno what that other person is doing with theirs to make it die so quickly).

If you want a smartphone with no contract or are on a budget it's a fantastic phone.

  • AnonD-20876

The device was broken when it came, the SD cart unmounted randomly. The low memory is a hugh problem. The battery (its still almost new) does no last even a half day with moderate use

  • bla

Good value for money!

  • abhi

beeper phone

  • AnonD-18480

what is the highest microsd card i can put in a Optimus Chic E720

  • AnonD-18258

Tausif, 04 Jul 2011I want to but this phone. Can anyone tell me the price of this p... moreBetween 250 and 300 $ with Bell Canada

  • Pra

Ashley, 05 Apr 2011I just got the LG Optimus Chic/ LG e720. When I try to connect i... morejust go to LG service centre and update your phone that's it. your phone need update ok

  • anand

compare java os wat difference

  • luke

Not working with Wi-Fi, picking up an incorrect IP. How can I release and renew the IP?

  • Tausif

I want to but this phone. Can anyone tell me the price of this phone. I think it is a good phone for me. The look of this phone really makes me happy. I am waiting to know the price.

  • simran

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2011great deal phone I ve ever boughthow much this phone costs?

  • Anonymous

LG optimus chic or LG optimus me? which one should i buy?

  • Anonymous

need your advice. which one is better optimus chic or optimus me?

  • abby

How can i put music for message?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2011The Phone is great. There is a lot of Android Apps to download. ... moreHow long does your battery usually last? I really don't know which one I should buy, Optimus One or Optimus Chic

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Apr 2011Great phone but it won't support flash player download. Help.any android with a cpu under 1 ghz does not support flash

  • AnonD-6650

you have to go to the media folder in ur memory flash & paste whatever music u need 2 put..... works for me....

P.S:- form a new folder like pics for adding pics inside media folder....

  • Anonymous

great deal phone I ve ever bought

  • Anonymous

Great phone but it won't support flash player download. Help.

  • Anonymous

I like the phone so far but im having a problem trying to put music on my phone can someone help me?