LG Optimus L1 II E410

LG Optimus L1 II E410

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  • Anonymous

This was the first phone I've ever got! It's been five years since I got it. It still works, even though its original battery was staring to get bigger so I had to change it, and the newer isn't that good. I'm not typing with it, but it's beside me! I'll love it no matter what!

  • An

I had this phone for 5 years, till its screen become dark. Still working, but cannot use it because nothing visible on dark screen.

  • Peter Lankton

This is my first android phone. One of the mos durable one i've ever bought, fell onto a concrete for several time, but nothings left but litle scratch. I bought it about 5 years ago and it's still working until today.

  • AnonD-741301

This phone, in its time, had an awesome price-point (at least for me).
In the nearly 5 years I've owned it it has served its purpose admirably.
For me that purpose was primarily as a communications tool - phone
and text-message - a utility camera, note pad, calculator, alarm clock.
That it slid without fuss into the pockets of work togs, workout gear or
suit-jacket was endearing. It fits, naturally, into my hand. Despite day-
in day-out (ab)use its case and screen are virtually indistinguishable
from the day we met. I've lost count of the number of times I've picked
the body, back and battery up off sidewalk, shop or kitchen floor, to the
horror of witnesses, snapped them nonchalantly back together turned
it on and smiled. Nary a crack in the screen, chip in the case, or glitch
in performance. Sometimes I swear it works better after 'a good drop'.

I have great affection for my LG-E410B - in retirement it will continue to
wake me in the pre-dawn hours. A faithful servant and very good friend.

  • Anonymous

I still use this, the LG L1 E410 is still worth using now, i still has a problem regarding google playstore icons that are not automatic updates and still using old playstore, i also ever download apk playstore but still same, play protect goes smoothly, i think maybe latest playstore does not support for jellybean.

  • Anonimous

I have one of these, it is not fast, does not run good games, and it lagges sometimes. But it is absolutely indestructible, i have dropped it on the ground hundreds of times on different heights and he is still working like he did when he was new.

  • silva

LG optimus L ll E410 is the best smartphone I have ever used and somebody picked it from me I would like to have it back how can I make to have it back I love it so much

  • AnonD-155544

This LG smart phone is a decent device that fits into super budget category. The design is obviously all plastic for the price but is no let down. The screen is also plastic. The touchscreen is decently touch responsive for the price and there are no complaints with its general operation as a phone with incredible battery life. The performance is very slow but expected for the specs. I accidently dropped it in a paddling pool full of water and other then a temporarily black screen the phone itself still worked and the screen came back the next day. I did experience erratic charging after the test which did seem a permanent glitch. The phone is seemingly invincible to being dropped on concrete countless times and twice slammed against a wall and concrete floorthough the side plastic does scuff up easily.

  • Fionn

Amazing LG smartphone that fits into super budget category. The features are decent for the price and the touchscreen has good touch reactivity. The phone operation is very slow but is expected for its specs and category. I accidently dropped the phone in a paddling pool and other then a temporarily black screen the phone still worked and the screen recovered the next day. This phone scuffs easily but is apparently invincible to being dropped on concrete countless times thanks in part to the plastic screen. A very dependable smartphone that is a decent phone for the price

  • AnonD-551408

Back up all your data, do factory reset. Works for me, everytime.

  • DAN

my lg e 410 does not accept incoming calls how can i sort this problem someone please help

  • afeefa

i love this smartphone lg l1 ii e410, small but strong and piece of art
i am write this with my lg e410 :)

  • AnonD-551408

NACHI, 01 Sep 2015very strong and thick .It fell from my hand several times but th... moreYeah, I love this phone. Rock solid. Handy grip and comfortable size.
Smash the ground (concrete) several time while running, still works fine despite of minor scratch.

The downside is the lag while on normal operation (read SMS, phone call interface, etc). Need something faster but as durable as this (or more).

  • AnonD-537706

Does anyone know how to remove simlock on this phone?

  • ا&#158

I have a GL 410 was incorrectly insert engraving which led to the work of the Block. How can I decode the block on the device?

  • jams2014

I bought this phone thinking it would work on Sprint well it doesn't and now I have this phone and I need to sell it but need to know what carrier it will work on. It didn't come with a sims card can anyone help?

  • AnonD-483988

the strongest phone ever.I have for a year. i made a drop test and drop it for like 10000 times and he still is alive without a crack screen.Its good that its strong,but its very very slow.

  • TINA

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2016strongest smartphone everI got that phone from second hand but there is something wrong on battery i dont know this is about battery or that phone is not working cool enough is there someone can help me how to solve that problem? :(

  • Anonymous

strongest smartphone ever

  • shandy

Hindica, 21 Oct 2015How do we download music or transfer music from your computer to... morejust connect it usb cable from ur pc to ur phone