LG Optimus L3 II E430

LG Optimus L3 II E430

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  • xshadow

this was my first phone but it was 1.75 gb of storage not 4 gb

want SMALLER size android.

  • Anonymous

I had been having this phone for four years when I accidentally dropped it at a viewpoint and it fell about 12 m. It survived without a single crack!!!
Definitely not the best phone, super-slow, super bad camera, but it survives like everything! And the battery can overstay a week when it's not used too much.
And I love that you can reach every part of the screen with even a small hand.

  • AnonD-691722

AnonD-440438, 13 Sep 2015Overall it's a good phone. I love how small it is.It fits in my pocket really well.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2016This phone SUCKS. Slow and lags as hell...Gee, I wonder why.

  • AnonD-155544

This phone i picked up second-hand for a very low price due to it being dunked in water and not turning on. When I received I plugged in the charger and it turned on no problem with no lasting signs of damage. I proceeded to carry on using it and have found for its budget status it is a very fast operating phone and the touch screen is surprisingly responsive. It is also almost indestructible with a screen that appears to be plastic and refusing to crack after an extreme 20ft drop. I now regard LG as a very reliable and high quality manufacturer and would definitely be prepared to upgrade the phone in the future to a higher spec LG phone. I also find this phones battery life to be very impressive easily lasting 2 days.

  • Anonymous

This phone SUCKS. Slow and lags as hell...

  • Nick

How do i move apps from phone memory to SD card memory??

  • Jesus´es Princ

It´s a very good cellphone! I like it very much and even more because someone special gave it to me

  • Anonymous

how to riprogramate LG ?

  • AnonD-440438

Overall it's a good phone. I love how small it is.

  • AnonD-395555

Does this phone have Voice activated typing for sending a text message?

  • pjaper

I have a problem with viber i cant talk the other cant hear me. What will i do about it ? Can somebody hlep me ?

  • AnonD-279972

I have had this phone since October 2013 it is still going strong although I plan to upgrade later on in the year I hope LG are still making quality phones in my price range!

  • Anonymous

rajesh, 27 May 2014does it supports whats app and viber apps...Yes . It supports watsapp n viber and many more apps

  • raki

JIN, 14 Nov 2014how do you screenshot with this phone?Press the power button and down volume button simulteneously. .

  • AnonD-266689

I am using this phone for 2 years now, In a word, it is awesome,It NEVER EVER HANGED in 2 yEARS, yaa the camera is slight dull but not bad at all. You just have to use the proper mode, The Hardware of this phn is very hardy, Dropped, dipped it several times on floor and in water, but nothing made any difference. I've got plenty of phns now but I will use it till it Goes for a full formed black out. Loving it.

  • Jin Abe

since the latest SW update, my battery drains so fast.

  • shaan

AnonD-174449, 30 Dec 2014Does this phone support live wallpapers.Thanks in advance !yes it supports live wallpapers all right via some programs i was able to put lighning effect ....

  • AnonD-174449

Does this phone support live wallpapers.Thanks in advance !