LG Optimus L7 P700

LG Optimus L7 P700

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  • Anonymous
  • utW
  • 02 Apr 2024

This phone is better built than the tecno pova 6 pro

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    • arafat
    • xjb
    • 13 Sep 2019

    My coment is abaut my lg p700 os i need to danlowd it

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      • Janchuks
      • 0FG
      • 03 Feb 2018

      Hello. I know ony 1 tip how you can improve your LG P700 performance a bit. Install nova laucher from google play. It will help. You can also change app style like Android lollipop.

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        • Tiger
        • sSM
        • 11 Jan 2018

        Why do this phone lag so much? I have to wait literally 5 mins for an app to open

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          • Anonymous
          • Nv2
          • 09 Oct 2017

          israel, 01 Sep 2017I have installed the latest version of android for this pho... moreDear Israel,
          Grateful for your precious help on how to instal the latest version for the Optimus L7 P700 version (4.4?). Thanks in advance.


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            • israel
            • LDn
            • 01 Sep 2017

            I have installed the latest version of android for this phone (4.4) and its running lightning fast.

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              • Anonymous
              • 6wx
              • 03 May 2017

              Android 4.1.2 is on LG L7 P700 now.

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                • AnonD-615237
                • PA7
                • 04 Feb 2017

                You know what... I ever broke the home button when i get so angry because it's get lag. I oress hime buttin but no respons, so i'm mad and press it very hard. And suddenly it broke, doesn't work forever.... For a moment i get panic, but then i just let it go...and looking for soft button app on playstore to replace it...Hahaha

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                  • AnonD-615237
                  • PA7
                  • 04 Feb 2017

                  This is my first android. Actually this phone is not on my list. On my list, there are 2 phone at the same range price, galaxy W and LG Optimus black. I'm interested to HTC one V too but the price bery expensive at that time compare to 2 phone on my list. Before i decided which phone i bought, the seller offer me the brand new launched phone, its called LG L7 with the same price but bigger screen size. At that time, LG L7 with 4.3 inch feels really big to me. It took long time to me to decided which one should i bought, phone on my list or the phone that just offered to me, L7? I'm so confused so i go back home with no one phone i bought. But one day after that, i go to the store and finnaly choose L7 as my first android phone. Its about 300 dollars. Its a good phone... But for now, it's not worth it. Now, my L7 is stolen. I have samsung J2 now. More cheapper, but less laggy than L7. And battery life is more more better than L7. When i see on gsmarena, most of samsung phone has better battery life than LG phone for now. And because of that i think i wouldn't buy LG phone anymore. Sorry bad english.

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                    • Amol Mhatre
                    • P@T
                    • 18 Jan 2017

                    Anonymous, 19 Jan 2016Because of this device I never went back to Lg. As of no... moreSame here bro.... I also own Samsung Note 3 after this.

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                      • trashphone
                      • 0FE
                      • 10 Oct 2016

                      srsly, my LeGit is with 300-400 ram and only the system is 259-270. i cant open apps, gallery even options after factory reset. just dont buy this trash.

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                        • DashArt4Speed
                        • EKb
                        • 08 Oct 2016

                        I'm using a lg p705g and its extremely laggy. I have deleted pretty much everything and restarted the phone but no difference. It is a nice phone and have it for 3 years. Now I've switched over to Samsung S4 and it didnt run into any problems.

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                          • babzkee
                          • vx6
                          • 11 Aug 2016

                          this phone is great!!

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                            • Anonymous
                            • vx6
                            • 11 Aug 2016

                            yes!! this phone is really amazing.. :D

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                              • Martin
                              • L19
                              • 10 Aug 2016

                              Have been using this thing for 3 years, so here it comes:
                              512Mb RAM is too less really, even for the stock Android ICS. It won't be laggy at first but it goes to hell pretty fast as soon as you start installing your own apps.
                              After first 6 months of use it became unbearably slow, I couldn't answer calls bc it just hang up while ringing. Got fed up, installed CyanogenMod KitKat and rolled with it for 2 years. Many apps didn't work and it was buggy but at least It wasn't that slow.
                              Battery is decent. It can hold the phone alive for 3 days, just don't browse web and play games all the time. The phone doesn't look bad, but the shiny frame coating WILL peel off.
                              Display is pretty good for a budget phone, rear camera is 5Mp - sort of *meh*, I used it to snap some documents and text I had to keep in mind, but for pictures - hell no. The front "selfie" camera is utter garbage.

                              The verdict - I wouldn't buy it again, but if I had to - I'd either install a custom ROM or do a factory reset every 3-4 months to keep it usable.

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                                • Disillusioned positi
                                • PT}
                                • 22 Jul 2016

                                Ma_V3r1cK, 28 Jan 2016I've had this phone for 3.5 years and I finally have replac... moreThanks for the tips! Do you think I'll reach any sort of success if I try to use swap or sd card partition to RAM.

                                LG u suk

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                                  • AnonD-530315
                                  • fuf
                                  • 25 Apr 2016

                                  v been with it before. buy it te a nice. fon

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                                    • josh
                                    • ke%
                                    • 27 Mar 2016

                                    Jonbon, 31 Jan 2016Can someone for God sake please tell me how to factory rese... moreJust reset one - hold power, volume down, then hold menu(right lcd key), release power at vibration, and hold other keys 2-3 seconds, then release all, should give you an android guy

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                                      • AnonD-504973
                                      • 7Cp
                                      • 21 Feb 2016

                                      ahmeddaziekwadwo, 29 Jan 2016l have been using lg p700 but this days my phone applicatio... moreThis phone is not worth using since it has 512MB of RAM. I recommend getting a more updated phone. I used to have this phone and I have been wasting my time trying to speed up the phone, and it's still slow.

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                                        • SASHI
                                        • Btx
                                        • 09 Feb 2016

                                        Jonbon, 31 Jan 2016Can someone for God sake please tell me how to factory rese... moreu enter settings then under headline called personal enter Backup and reset then there is FACTORY DATA RESET tap it and continue ..