LG Optimus Me P350

LG Optimus Me P350

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  • Franco

This was my first phone ever! (7 years old) and now im 15! Anyway for that time it was a realy good phone👍🏻

  • Optimus

Will this support OTG ? I have a display dead phone, but want to reuse as a hotspot

  • Qwib-Qwib

This was my first Android. Damn, it was pretty decent back then.

asushwin, 03 Oct 2017why it was not able to support currently available whatsappOld version of WhatsApp messenger works in this phone

Nope, too small, not for me.

  • garry

susan, 25 Apr 2017Does this phone run 2G or 4g3g

  • megeloman

the best phone ever.

  • asushwin

why it was not able to support currently available whatsapp

  • susan

Does this phone run 2G or 4g

  • sunlizzy

please, can dis phone collect flashshare ? And can it also Run Whatsapp ?


whats app no longer supported from tuday on 19~01~2016...........

  • Random Guy

I have had this phone since 2011 and it is still a good phone,even though it cant run newer apps(without a custom rom)

  • krish

its niec phne still wokingg but now lg lg mobiles are not build like its

  • Anonymous

Been using since 2012. Still works fine, much slower though. Dropped several times, no damage yet. Rear cover has got some design defect, it breaks when we try removing it.

  • Tanaka

I have had this phone since 2011 and now it's 2016. I have dropped this phone many a times, especially when I was still at secondary school; but it is still working today. Sure, the phone isn't the fastest in the world, but it runs well enough for what I use it for. The camera is only 3mp, I have taken some good pictures with the phone, but of course, you can only expect a certain level of quality for a phone with such MP.

The sound is adequate for me to listen to my songs, although it is sometimes rather quiet when I watch some videos online; although this is normally because a video is quiet in and of itself; I normally solve this by wearing headphones.

The browser is adequate, although the screen is not "large", I generally do not have a problem viewing webpages as I can simply zoom into text if need be.

The internal phone storage is limited; at the moment I have no problem with it, but if I needed to update a well-known messaging/phone calling app, I would need to take a while finding things on my phone to delete in order to complete an update. Otherwise, I save my music, documents, videos, certain apps, pictures etc.. onto my 2GB SD card. The good thing with this phone being a bit older is that it doesn't support newer apps which would normally take a lot of memory, which means my SD card can have a considerable amount of space left on it.

Over the years, the phone developed some streaks over the notification bar, however, these do not inhibit me from pulling the notification bar down; they do come up when watching videos, but they cause minimal distraction.

I have had to replace my battery since the time I got this phone in 2011 as the battery expanded and caused my phone to keep turning itself off; although I wouldn't be surprised if this problem was caused due to me charging my battery overnight (which I hardly ever do anymore because I have learnt it is a fire risk and can cause the problem I had)

I do plan on getting a newer phone, mainly because of one big problem. On the lock screen, there is an option to make an emergency call; a lot of times when my phone has been in my pocket, I unknowingly ring 999 because I would have unknowingly pressed the unlock button. Then, because my phone screen is not only responsive to human skin, I guess the fabric on my pockets registers as me pressing the green button to call the emergency services. One time I even got a call back from the emergency services and I had to explain to them issue with my phone. I would not be exaggerating if I said I have maybe called the emergency services above 20 times accidentally.

Therefore, although this phone has served me well, I no longer want to keep being a distraction to the emergency services, I will to change this phone.

  • alok

im use this phone 5 yr ago.........
this is is very good phone ......
thank u lg p350....

  • Tomi

Still works fine,litle slow but for the time it was great... great build quaity...

  • Aniket

bought it in 2011......
still works like d first day I bought it

  • chinna

it has so many problerms- it cant update to ginger bread version and cant connect to pc suit and debuggig mode

  • Prathammmm Mayekar

its amazing