LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-22999, 29 Sep 2011Dude clear your phone and browsers cache and history you'll be a... moreHi Dude, thanks for your suggestion i just cleared the history and cache and now the market is opening a bit, also i need to check on the videos aspect as well and today when i tried to download some songs i am unable to do it, after the song is downloaded when i try to open it the message appears as download is unsuccessful and it cannot resume, please suggest

  • AnonD-20775

does skype video calling possible in this handset through its primary camera?
Plz answer me asps..

  • Anonymous

Spice mi 410 or op 1?? For which should i go????

  • Anonymous

Dose it support adobe flash 10.1 on gingerbread update??

  • AnonD-22999

AnonD-12230, 24 Sep 2011no guys no update latest INDIAN version is STILL V20B @ALL g... moreAce
The Mobile Freak
I think that I was the first to post that
Factory Reset and charging idea thing after experimenting it on my P500
while Googleing i found it on some site
At some time I just wonder how that works
clarification would be appreciated.

  • AnonD-22999

james, 27 Sep 2011factory reset and charging switch off mode is a bullshit idea. b... moreI was the first to post on this site
About the factory reset and then charge it till the battery is fully charged concept.
It has helped a Lot of people including me.
I think you should have performed this method when your battery was 20% or more
take a note that your battery should be below 15% Mark then only you can get a accurate result.
Give it a another try or else if your handset is in warranty period you can get your battery replaced.

  • AnonD-22999

Anonymous, 29 Sep 2011Dear Sir, I am using this phone for the past 3 months and for... moreDude clear your phone and browsers cache and history you'll be able to view videos again use "SUPER BOX" App available on market to clear the cache and history and if it works give me a reply.

  • Anonymous

Dear Sir,

I am using this phone for the past 3 months and for the first one month it was working quite good, but since past 1 and half month i am unable to view the video on youtube, it takes a lot of time to see the videos and also when i open my Market it takes a lot of time to open and now the message appears as connection timed out- Retry, please help me out to sort these problems.

  • Anonymous

folks at xda dev. reporting lg pulled off update links and are doing something. perhaps they are remaking gingerbread. even sprint pulled off updates to optimus s to gingerbread as so many users are facing problems.

  • AnonD-21872

by my experience airtel network dsnt hve gprs speed in 2g ,if u r using 2g u was diappoint while browsing and downloading check out other networks for speed like docomo i am getting 15 to 20 kpbs speed while download .

  • Anonymous

Great smartphone would buy another one. this is my first smartphone/android operating system. FAST internet... phone doesnt lag at all or hang. disaplay is great ... only downfall is the battery life. about 2 full days.

  • AnonD-13444

Pinky, 28 Sep 2011I want to buy this phone, is it compatible with Airtel sim? Spec... moreMy girl friend using optimus one with airtel and she's happy with airtel

  • Upset

I had this ph since 24th Dec2010, my first ever LG ph.The main problem that I'm facing is the dusts under the screen. I sent it twice for servicing (LG Service Centre), in Feb2011 and August2011 but unfortunately the dusts start to accumulate again.Lost faith in LG ph. Used to have Sony Ericsson, Siemens,Nokia and Samsung. Might change back to either SE or Samsung by the end of this year!

  • Pinky

I want to buy this phone, is it compatible with Airtel sim? Specially GPRS , please revert

  • AnonD-23941

Hi ;) How LG P500 work GPS? I don't work navigation, what i must to do??

  • kiky

Hi, who can tell me about GPS.... What must to do? I don't working navigation :( What i must do????

  • pro

Loreane, 26 Sep 2011Hi ! Can someone help me to find a good video player for my phon... moreuse mx video player. its free it support lots of codec and now it have multi touch zoom in video mode. enjoy...

  • AnonD-23842

Does someone the diference between P500 and P500h, thanks.

  • AnonD-8622

AnonD-12230, 27 Sep 2011As far as i know custom roms cannot increase your battery life c... moreThanks Ace!!!!Ur info enl

  • raman

hey guys . .. . am a new user to these android phones . ... . say me whether this is better than any other phones of this price range .. . . . becazz am in a confusion whether to buy this phone or samsung galxies . .. .