LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • jig

sam, 23 Sep 2011hi guys...if u r facing problems with p 500 after 2.3.3 upd... morethanks sam.p 500 is working well after factory reset and continuous charging.great job

  • PRO

AnonD-12230, 24 Sep 2011no guys no update latest INDIAN version is STILL V20B @A... morethanks yaar the factory reset idea works well. and all problems related to gb update ends. all facing battery or hardware problem after gb update in p500 should factory reset and charge the battery full in off mode. the problems will be solved......yoooooooo

  • AnonD-8622

AnonD-12230, 23 Sep 2011Hey for using yahoo mail just configure the mail app manua... moreAce,Mobile Freak,Thanks a lot...I tried setting up in the mobile client itself as Ace said and now i hv two mails providers in the same box so thanks to both of u guys specially Ace!!!!

  • amit

can't play youtube in 2g mode,plz help me ....

  • AnonD-21740

AnonD-22999, 25 Sep 2011LG optimus One has better HSDPA and can play DivX video fo... moretnx.. doubt cleared.. but what about the dust problem? and another thing why my post got deleted?

  • AnonD-22999

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2011Does it play youtube videos without any lags and does it su... moreyes this can play YouTube videos very well even the HQ once without lagging but you need to be on wifi of 3g network it also does well on 2g.
And after update it Does not support Flash coz its not built for that thing

  • AnonD-22999

[deleted post]LG optimus One has better HSDPA
and can play DivX video format files
And it works fine & Smooth after upgrading the OS to 2.3.3
only plus point in LG optimus net is LOOKS Bluetooth 3.0 & 800Mz Processor. Rest of the things are same
go with One

  • AnonD-22999

AnonD-22168, 24 Sep 2011is any one getting yellowish line when slidding up and down... moreYes I'm getting it after updating to 2.3.3
It indicates that you have reached end of page or top of the page

  • user

Dis is superb phone now I'm using it. its processor is superb giving 9/10. it is based upon the sim network. Screen clarity is pretty good & having smooth touch. over all its good but having only one discouragement is its music player , not having equalisers. Not much good music creating some disturbance in headphones. Finally it is good for browsing, multimedia, easy messaging. Gaming.

  • AnonD-23497

v20c, v20g,v20b works well but none of them have English Dictionary as a input for words suggestion

  • Shh....$hant

hey user i've got GB on my op1 ......

N now its better then ever.....
I'm usin it from 1 week m enjoyin every bit of it...

guyz go for it ....... Cheers....

  • Mynx

Hi guys! im confused of the GB update! what kind of GB update is stable? i mean a GB that has no problems, well, im reading about indian GB, Romanian GB etc. and some sort of v20b v20c etc.... this terms makes me wonder if i will update my 2.2 froyo to 2.3 gingerbread... any suggetions will be appreciated! thanks!

  • Anonymous

Does it play youtube videos without any lags and does it support adobe flash on gingerbread update?

  • islam

How can i change the region to activate the market because it's not supported in egypt.

  • AnonD-22168

is any one getting yellowish line when slidding up and down in setting bar yellowinsh fire like thing bulging out any one after updating to gb

  • karanam

hey guys... i am using v20e. i got it from kdz updater(some one posted that link on this site). wnich is latest v20e or v20c or v20b.. thnx in advance

  • AnonD-12230

AnonD-21872, 24 Sep 2011yes there is v20c check it no guys no update latest INDIAN version is STILL V20B

guys if u r facing problems regarding battery just factory reset it and charge in switch off mode until it displays battery full(Battery animation stops).

[[[[thnx to the guy who first posted this "info" here ]]]

i can get 3 days backup easily

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  • AnonD-21872

optimus frien, 23 Sep 2011Hey @raja do u mean GB V20B or V20C.it still having V20B ri... moreyes there is v20c check it

  • Kunal

is the phone memory sufficient?? because there are a few applications like whatsapp which cannot be transferred to the memory card!!

  • islam

how can i change the region ?