LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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i have updated my lg optimus one to gingerbread 2.3.3
now when i connect my phone to pc the tranfer rate is very less only 600 kb/sec second...earlier it was 15mb/sec
plz help me guys...!!!

  • vasant

For those facing battery life issues on the Optimus, check the apps that are using up the juice. Chances are that Google Maps is running, which was draining 50% of mine. Restart your phone, and it goes away. You'll notice a dramatic improvement.

  • MAnish

Frends Today I wnt buy a phone ...please suggest Optimus one or HTC wildfire S....? or any other in the range 0f 10-12 k?

Pleaseeeeeeeeee reply!!!!!

  • optimus user

Yesterday I got an SMS from LG to go for upgrade to Android 2.3, Today i upgraded it and the Phone looks very colorful with nice fonts!!

Optimus one rocks!! The best feature i like in this phone is the 'Screen resolution'

guys pls help me i want to upgrade my optimus to gingerbread...but is the update is working fine or is there any flaws lik battery issues...and wat abt the performance after the update...thanks in advance

  • jk

Hey frendzz this is the best entry level droid.. Seriously it shouldn be compared with the other phones in its price range.. bcuz it has far more bettr and advanced features.. I donot recommend the gb update.. Bcuz 2.2 is actually enough.. Stil its a wondr tht LG has done a great job beating all the brands in the price.. The othr models tht can be considerd are HTC wildfire S and Galaxy ace.. but they are much more coslty.. anybody can put forward a query here

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2011hw much it cost to upgrde to 2.2.3 2.3 update is free!

  • kausik

hello frnd,pls pls help me.
when i set a pic in wallpaper then the pic is nt full see only 320-240 pixel.
how i set wallpaper in full image?

  • kishore

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2011hw much it cost to upgrde to 2.2.3 its free, if under warranty at any lg service centre

  • pramod

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2011hello guys, I got my optimus one updated to ginger bread, the nu... moreTry ColorDict. I feel it is better than stock dictionary in the market with better representation.

  • Rajeesh

Hi guys, If any one one of you experience problem with NDrive (Default app come with Optimus one) Contact NDrive online tech support in ndrive.com. They will register your device after asking the ncessary details such as IMEI number. Dont contact LG customer care. They will ask to replace you mother board which wont solve the problem.

I also have updated to Andriod 2.3.3 gingerbread LG stock rom using B2CAppSetup.exe LG updater. Make sure USB debugging is on before you do that. After this performance is much better. All apps except file manager and dictionary is present.

If you want to root the phone (to enjoy admin privileges) in phone use the link h**p://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t­=1200167 It works great.

Overall nice phone. I bought it from letsbuy.com for 8500 Rs/- after applying coupon code.

Any queries reply me back. I can help you.

  • Anonymous

Very nice phone i love my optimus one p500

  • marius RO

asif, 14 Sep 2011after updating to 2.3 any one can see a yellowish colour when we... moreI can tell you: that is the lack of the kinetik scroll, on my ex Desire S I could drag the screen up/down after the edge, but here the screen stops at the bottom/up and it display the yellow margin.

  • neeraj78

just yesterday i got optimus one updated to GB 20b from lg service center here in jalandhar. touch has definatly improved so do depth of colors but i do feel that battery back up is not as 2.2 .can any body tell what else difference i should see after updation? can u download the contents to sd cards directly in GB?

  • vinayak

AnonD-22168, 15 Sep 2011is any one seeing yellow lines wnen slidding up and down in sett... moreThat indicates End

  • Krishna

hey Frnds plannin to buy his amazing gadget.......just cant decide which color it looks best!!

Any suggestions??

  • Anonymous

AnonD-22168, 15 Sep 2011is any one seeing yellow lines wnen slidding up and down in sett... morehey come on thats an effect they made to make realise its the end of the list!!! btw it looks good too!!!

  • kishore

fnixirix, 13 Sep 2011use custom rom n kernel still the best in term of speed, battery... more Yes,very true,gb 2.3 seems to be a headache.

  • kishore

user, 14 Sep 2011battery really is bad now ..like i used to get two days of life ... moreWhy go for 2.3 when its faulty. stick to the original version.2.2

  • rathor

AnonD-22127, 14 Sep 2011which one is better? Samsung Galaxy mini s5570 or sony xperia x8... moreOf course LG optimus one p500
One of most popular enter level smartphone world wide