LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • AnonD-8622

AnonD-2041, 05 Sep 2011I have gingerbread V20E and sometimes (not always) while dialing... moreYes sabin even i am facing with the same probut it didn't happen for the past two to three days pls check your version i think it should ad v20b

  • AnonD-1355

AnonD-12230, 04 Sep 2011yes, i too felt the battery backup decreased , iam also having ... moreHi All ,

Its similiar to MIUIGEN by dr.notor.......but i build it frm famous Mik's ROM 6.5.7 stable and Kernel from great franco'z and Fserve fix 19.3v.have addded al recent apps version and theme it to close upto MIUI setup and here are tweaks
Franco kernel
s97 script
Zram enabled
Loopy script set
few modules added
locked memory for launcher so its cached and no lag in using launcher with script,also call,msg and so on....
battery backup really good...

So u need one let know and will upload on XDA and also post link
ROM name:MIUICMversionx
I feel the CM based far most and best than the stock ginger which is a crap......



  • sudhi

AnonD-3778, 04 Sep 2011Finally. i found a bug in gingerbread update.. that is... usb da... moreits true ..........
data transfer rate is very low.........

  • asif

karanam, 03 Sep 2011kdz updater is good gb 2.3.3 is working excellent on p500. than... morefrom wher u got kdz file from which link

  • Sansonline

Nirav, 04 Sep 2011Guys I need 2 know frm whoever has upgraded 2 GB, wats d interna... moreI got around 150 MB free after updating it to GB...

  • jay

i am facing a serious problem

i am using dis fone for past 8 months and using Froyo.
past few days whenever i search d market for famous apps like nimbuz,ebuddy friend caller etc.n my market shows no matches found.
these apps i had in my fone a couple of months back. n then at dat tym i had uninstalled them.

rest the fone is working fyn
only apps r missing when searched frm my fone.

kindly reply soon.

  • mogly

i bought this mobile 1 month ago.for these 30 days it worked nice.but suddenly i am facing a strange problem when iam switchon my mobile my screen turning into yellow colour and displays "emergency mode!!".after replacing my battery for 30 min it is working fine.what to do know pls help me.still i am 100% satisfied with this mobile

  • AnonD-2041

I have gingerbread V20E and sometimes (not always) while dialing or receiving call the loudspeaker automatically gets activated.

Anyone facing the same problem? Is there any solution for this?
Hope to get a reply soon!

  • AnonD-8622

AnonD-12230, 04 Sep 2011yes, i too felt the battery backup decreased , iam also having ... moreAce,player pro is a trial version any crack available?

  • adi

Hello frnd i've to buy ths phone...its owesome man nd very nice functioning to njoy each evry apps..thnx to google for mde ths os...

  • Anonymous

For gingerbread update go to


  • Anonymous

i am having a problem. does talking tom work fine on this phone. when i am using it the speaker phone is not producing good quality sound. it works fine otherwise. is there any solution to have a good quality recording?

  • AnonD-3982

Hello everyone one more new thing in gingerbread-now it supports hindi language in webbrowser and messaging

Man,I dont experience any signal problems since now.Also I am now getting normal battery backup.I dont think its the problem of gb.
But one thing the lack of dictionary bothers a lot.Also my nfs shift which worked on froyo now crashes at the EA screen.
Also jayees,ace or anyone check the framerate of videorecording bcz i felt some improvement in that...

  • nonoy

For me LG Phone Brand is best in terms of quality, design, and programs. I am totally satisfied and contented for my LG P 500 phone. Even though a bit expensive when it comes to price, but then its really best. I am asking a favor to sell out the accesories like batterry, back cover, headset, and charger. pls make available to every store carrying LG brands. Tanx
Rinhard D. Chiva.... promise I will Suggest to all my friends to have LG Phones.

  • Anonymous

Does it support flash
is dere any app to play flash

  • AnonD-12230

AnonD-8622, 04 Sep 2011Ajai,kanthi,Ace!!! Hows all ur experience with GB.Let me tell m... moreyes,
i too felt the battery backup decreased , iam also having backup of 1 day,
but didnt face any problem regarding the signal , i keep mine on automatic network connection,
also i didnt felt any decrease of speed in usb transfer of files as punk has stated.
But on +ve side,
good compiling and running of apps,
better process management
smoother touch
and nice graphics(coz of + in FPS) and colours

PS: all those who feel critic of the music quality of this phone try "player pro", i felt music good enough using this app

  • AnonD-8622

Hows all ur experience with GB.Let me tell mine.. I am not that happy with it and some reasons to be happy as well.
Things I was happy.
1.Menu and colours chaged a bit.
2.Some says there wont be any lag with Angry Birds now but i could nt check that till now.

Things I am unhappy.
1.Battery performance has terribly gone down(Using the same settings whn it was on froyo as well like location settings off,display the min,use only 2g network,background data,)
but stil the battery sucks earlier I used to get 2.5 days max now it has reached to hardly a day.
2.Problem with network has started,that means when I take my phone from pocket I cannot see the phone connected to Signals,i need to manually search the signal and connect.

Guys any of you have any such prob?

Any info guys?

  • Anonymous

no web update is available now, it will be available in few days, lg sevice center has the update. dont waist ur time go to nearest service center for gingerbread update( india)

  • Ni3

asif, 04 Sep 2011where u got...from which site you downloaded tell me from whe... morehttp://webtrickz.com/install-official-v20b-ginge­rbread-update-on-lg-optimus-one-using-kdz-update­r-guide/

Step by step process with all update files

  • Nirav

Guys I need 2 know frm whoever has upgraded 2 GB, wats d internal phone memory ur left wid? Hav u checked wats ur phone memory after the upgrade? Reply ASAP. Using dis cell cell frm 2 days nd m loving it.