LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • Anonymous

for all those who are facing problem while using internet with reliance GSM, i would like to inform them that internet wont work with reliance. i too have switched to Docomo.

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell about loudspeaker and camera quality of lg optimus one p500????????

  • abhi

Prasad, 09 Feb 2011Plese Help!!!!!!! Hi, In my optimus mobile,I tried using inter... morei sorted it out... i installed opera mobile web browser.. and its working fine :)

  • Abhi

I have started using reliance mobilenet on my optimus phone.. but i can access only gtalk, gmail, facebook etc.. Browser does not work at all... is thr any way such that i will be able to browse the internet also

  • houligan15@yahoo.com

do you know where i can find data sheet for procesor at these smartphone?

  • dsinghrana

guys if u wanna buy this phone for internet purpose then dnt waste any time and go for it.gaming is ok bt dnt play high end games, multimedia section is a little weak.video recording etc bt its ok. video play back lags on high quality mp4 or wmv. if u want it to listen music then this not the phone u should go for bt its ok its smthing like that high quality file and high quality music. whole pakage dnt seems to b the best one BUT trust me its best deal u cn get in present market, there is no other option then this. value for money.

  • dsinghrana

hi guys, im a proud user of optimus p500 for last three months but since i installed lock 2.0 as home screen lock.im not able to set it as default, i set it as default but every time i press home button it ask me to set it, guys any idea about it or im missing some thing. thanks in advance.

  • Abhishek


I have a reliance gsm connection. I tried activating mobilenet51 to access internet on my phone. When I asked for settings they sent me a message that your phone ( optimus one p500) does not support the settings u require. But I have seen several people here accessing internet thru reliance gsm network. Please help me.. How to run the internet.

  • kausarr

monty, 22 Feb 2011pls can sum one help i hav this phone i rooted with zroot can i ... moresame questn as kamal's..
plz reply..

low RAM in galaxy ace is the only problem which attacts me back 2 optimus one..

plz help..

vl it lag much..????
can v play all games like nfs n angry bird on ace too

  • jon

hi today i bought lg optimus p500..it is very nice phone.
can anyone tell me how to forward messages to multiple recepients as we do in nokia nas sony..pls help...

  • Smara

Hey Guys... I am planning to buy this mobile but I dont know anything abt internet and i want to learn abt it. So will this phone be complicated in terms of internet and apart frm this how is the phone???? Pls help me....

  • jimmy

hi everyone,can anyone suggest me how to use 3G in optimus one P500. as i have taken 3G connection but then also it charge from my balance,plz help me?
by the way the phone is fantastic only concern to me is about the 3G acess.

  • AnonD-1955

to all users it has been ported with android 2.3 just few more days and it will be bug free chk link

  • james

AnonD-1355, 21 Feb 2011Hi Users, Every phone is unique in build and haS its own stab... morebro pls post your work in xda... so that everybody can find it easily... waiting for gingerbread

  • brendz

How can I activate the GPRS of this phone. I can't use the internet even though I already have the gprs settings. can you help me please?... :(

  • vikki

feutures are good but battery is draining out soon

  • Anonymous

hi Neo
i m planning to buy optimus one but some where i read about that O1 can be upgradable to 2.3 gingerbred... is it possible n is that process can be done on cell phones which are already purchased coz presently optimus one has 2.2 froyo n if now i purchase it then can i transform it in to 2.3v please help me in this matter plz plz reply

  • antong

AnonD-2245, 22 Feb 2011what is the sound quality like on this?sound quality i very good...install power amp..theres an option to play music thru speakers,..bluetooth or headset...excellent option...droid really rocks!

  • antong

AnonD-2242, 22 Feb 2011battery of my phone is draining very fast how can i resolve this... morehey pal!!..use the task killer.and install juice defender..to leghthen your battery power



hai to all optimus one users there is a big difference between LG Optimus One and Samsung galaxy Ace is

Ace record QVGA(320/240 pixels)

Optimus One VGA (640*360 pixels)