LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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Bought Optimus one, Touch is very good. other features coming soon ..:)

  • Anonymous

does lg optimus supports youtube player ? and which one is best lg optimus or galaxy 3 ? please sujest .

  • lonerguy

Vikram, 27 Nov 2010@Lokesh Am in Bangalore, got this done at Mobile Store Marthaha... moreso in viewing videos from youtube, is there no option in playing the video using BROWSER and not Youtube Player?

  • thala

rajeev, 27 Nov 2010rs.12500 in spice hotspot show room in yelahankathis phone is 11500 @ the mobile store chennai..

  • anon

sanjay, 26 Nov 2010this phone is verry poor.so dont buy this becose display color i... moreLike your spelling then.

  • Vikram

Am in Bangalore, got this done at Mobile Store Marthahalli.

Your welcome, am thinking of starting a blog around the phone like my previous phone p320.blogspot. com

People interested ?

They only had black which looks quite nice as the case also is black. I had a white phone earlier with a black case, not a good match.

I tried, if you browse to youtube it will offer to open up the video in the youtube browser. That plays quite well. I don't think other flash content is supported as lots of ppl mention that the CPU is not capable.

The acid3 score for the browser was 93/100 only which is quite decent, you could try the skyfire browser.

The active wallpaper are really really neat, do try then out.

  • Anonymous

Even I have faces similar issues as Ami.... those who have been using same Bluetooth headsets to different brands.....I have a query. How do I need to make other phones detect my bluetooth headset???

My nokia detects my nokia bluetooth, however the samsueng does not detect and so is sony erricson?! In one of the comments they mentioned to reset the bluetooth here...guess I am unable to get that done as well. Could anyone throw some more light on this?

Also I am planning to buy Optimus one tomorrow hopefully the handsets are available!

  • rajeev

rs.12500 in spice hotspot show room in yelahanka

  • rajeev

12,500 in all spice hotspot show rooms

  • jai

Wine red colour is superb. gsmarena plz review this phone.
Waitin for yr review...

  • Anonymous

ronz, 26 Nov 2010realy? i think u should read http://forum.samdroid.net to improv... moreMaking third party modifications can cause the device to be unstable. Multi touch is not officially supported by samsung, so it will have bugs. I think its more clever to use something RELIABLE out of the box!!

  • lonerguy

Vikram, 26 Nov 2010ha ha ha, I had the same problem. What you need to do is to long... morecould u please check if youtube videos ( full desktop site ) play within the browser ( not in youtube app ) of optimus one as many reports availability of flash lite ( not flash 10.1 )
thank you.

  • Anonymous

ami, 26 Nov 2010Hello guys, Just read in one of the comments below that one o... moreBluetooth headsets are universal, moto, sony ericsson, samsung will all work. Where have you been for the last five years?

  • GuRu

Vikram, 26 Nov 2010ha ha ha, I had the same problem. What you need to do is to long... moreWhat colours of optimus 1 r available in stores?Which colour did u get?Damn! i can't find the purple one anywhere!

  • Anonymous

Brilliant phone :)

  • $H@H

Lokesh, 26 Nov 2010Hi, I am trying to buy good smartphone from last 1 month. Aft... moreU can go for LG OPTIMUS 1 which is the no.1 selling budget android phone till date !

  • $H@H

What is the price in Spice hotspot stores in chennai ?

  • sohail the wanker

the google logo looks better on the galaxy s.
this phone makes google look like sh it

  • $h@H

Aman, 26 Nov 2010I bought galaxy 3 2-3 months ago... Sadly there was no news abt... moreDon't worry bro u can xchange this phone and get discounts while buying LG OPTIMUS 1 plz for god sake change your phone this is my request for u ;)

  • Anonymous

Vikram, 26 Nov 2010ha ha ha, I had the same problem. What you need to do is to long... more@Vikram-Thanx for ur help but i just visited the mobile store and got it fixed. Thanx again though. :)