LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • BoB

if u love 1 PLZ VOTE 1
10 10 10

  • BoB

check the lg india site for this phone there is many more only for indian owners


and dont 4get to see FEATURES
there is some thing about flash 10.1 i dont know why!
as shown here......
Anroid OS 2.2 (Froyo)
The new LG Optimus One comes with Android 2.2 Froyo version with advanced benefits like improved speed, USB Tethering, Android Market, installation of apps in MicroSD Card, Adobe Flash 10.1 and lots more

{What? it may get flash 10.1 or something like dat????????}

And see SPECIFICATION for.....

Google Applications (System Memory)
Car Home, Gmail, Google Search, Latitude, Maps, Market, Navigation, News and Weather, Places, Talk, ThinkFree Office, Update notification, YouTube, Weather.

Pre-Loaded applications (System Memory)
App. Advisor, Ndrive, OI File Manager, TaskKiller, Layar, Aldiko, PhotoFunia, AG Indian Newspaper, PNR Status Checker, Bollywood Ji, Infant Vaccine Tracker, Dictionary (English to English & English to Hindi), Indian Music.

Memory Card Applications
Shazam, PicSay Pro, TuneWiki, Movie Finder, ShopSavvy, Wapedia, Wikitude, Compass, MSN talk, SilentMode OnOff, Bump, AK Notepad, Foursquare, Layer

Alarm clock, Analog clock, Bookmarks, Calendar, Connection Manager, Dual Clock, Facebook, FM Radio, Google Search, Home screen tips, Latitude, Market, Memo, Messaging, Mini Task Bar, Music, News and Weather, Picture frame, Power Control, Task Bar, Task Killer, Twitter, Weather, YouTube

  • Vikram

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2010Hi. I hv this fone nd while fiddling wid d settings i changed th... moreha ha ha, I had the same problem. What you need to do is to long press the 'touch here to type' and the input options will pop up.

Cheers !

  • Vikram

[deleted post]You computation is incorrect, you have added an extra zero. They sold 1 million in 40 days. That translate into 25,000 units a day not 250000 :) I sure LG would love to believe that it was the later.

  • Vikram

Udy, 26 Nov 2010I got it for 12.8K from Mobile Store. so 300 for your old mobile... more@Udy

lol no, I got it for 12.5k , I also got 1.3k for my old phone so paid 11.2k totally. I had a Asus P320 for a little more than 2 years, battery was almost a gonner and screen was not responding properly.

I know the price of this phone will only fall and probably stabilize around the Galaxy 3 price but I couldn't wait and I have no regrets.

The battery is phenomenal. The touch is really responsive and I can appreciate the difference in a capacitive screen over the previous restive one that I had.

I plan to root this phone in the future to remove all the nonsense that these people have added in to free up the on board memory.

The keyboard is a little cramped even for the T9 but is fine if you move to landscape. It has a nice solid build and people handling it are reasonably impressed.

  • Pkd

Lokesh, 26 Nov 2010Hi, I am trying to buy good smartphone from last 1 month. Aft... moreOptimus one best it supports max applicton

  • Daddy

ami, 26 Nov 2010Hello guys, Just read in one of the comments below that one o... moreAll Bluetooth headset are universal, I am using a sony erisson bluetooth headset on Nokia, Samsung and now Lg Optimus one all works well.

  • Karthik

I'm from Chennai and am looking to buy this phone. Have any of you managed to install Swype on to this phone? Also, how's Google Voice Commands working? Particularly with regard to text messaging.

Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

screen resolution sucks

  • ronz

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2010Do not get a Samsung Spica. I own a Samaung Spica and I wanna re... morerealy? i think u should read http://forum.samdroid.net to improve ur spica.

my spica right now can support multitouch (pinch to zoom), app2sd, and many more..

so use ur phone cleverly, don't just use it for phone call or sms lol..

  • Lokesh


I am trying to buy good smartphone from last 1 month. After intensive research and waiting for one month, i am thinking go for LG optimus one. I enquired near to my place in banaglore. Univercell price is 12.9k without Nokia bluetooth. With bluetooth, 13.2k. Spice Hotspot price is 12.4k. Please someone suggest which is the best btw galaxy 3 and LG optimus One.

Thanks in advance..


  • Aman

$H@H, 26 Nov 2010yaar aman y have u wasted buying this samsung galaxy 3 better go... moreI bought galaxy 3 2-3 months ago...
Sadly there was no news abt optimus one or chick at that time.
The only competitor was HTC wildfire.

So i decided to buy galaxy 3 instead. Now regret my decision.
Really disappointed. Screen can be described in just one word- PIXELATED :-)

  • $H@H

Aman, 26 Nov 2010Can anyone compare this phone with galaxy 3??? Main criteria of... moreyaar aman y have u wasted buying this samsung galaxy 3 better go for Optimus coz this is the leading in budget android phones even now many companies like samsung,HTC & Sony ericsson are gearing up to update 2.2 Froyo for their existing phones in the market.

  • Aman

Can anyone compare this phone with galaxy 3???
Main criteria of comparisions shud be:
-clearity of icons, pics etc.
-touch response
-loudspeaker output

Pls guys help me, i m currently using galaxy 3 and not much imlressed by it.
I really want this phone after reading so many reviews.

  • Sumit

sanjay, 26 Nov 2010this phone is verry poor.so dont buy this becose display color i... moreSanjay, may I know which phone do you use? Just as an FYI, LG has sold 1 million units of Optimus one in just 40 days and this one's probably the best Budget Android phone money can buy with a 2.2 running on it. Get your facts straight and your English too. LG not only created a market for itself but also has forced other manufacturers to provide an upgrade (From 1.6, 2.1 to 2.2) to their customers already using Android phones. I'd suggest you to first take a look at the phone and then comment. Your perceptions towards a product may misguide someone here.

  • shiva

nice mobile 2.2

  • sameer

this is really awosome phn n in this range its worth so frnds let go for it ....... n even though its better then samsung phn u jst campare it .........

  • Anonymous

samsung wave at kolkata 14000 fixed price..call 9903726781.2 mnths old..with hd games like nova,sandstorm.

  • shuhailnp

how is the sound quality ?

  • Subu

Hey can anyone tell that this phone support .wmv format or not.Please reply.Advance thanks.