LG Optimus Pad V900

LG Optimus Pad V900

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  • Dj

Reza, 22 Feb 2011It's very cool!!!! how can i sole hanging or freezing problem

  • Dj

how to update this optimus pad?.....the hanging and freezing problem is increasing day by day......so ridiculous


my lg-v900 can't connect to any wifi.it keeps on scanning the whole day

  • AnonD-516523

How can i update for this latest version,i couldnt download and application.

  • Anonymous

how i can update this for latest version,other application couldnt be download..

  • nick

My dad brought this for me...it wont do the system update at all n cause of it i cant download a lot of my app i use.....can somebody plz help me

  • Javis

How can i make offline calls on my tablet?

  • chrisna

Haydaddict, 28 Nov 2013Its very sluggish...like an very old computer!The fact that... moreYeahh... i love my v900 pad but since can not update the android OS, my LG becoming a Dinasours ! Come on LG be more serious in developing your tablet. Is this problem is always happen to those who purchase any LG brand product ??


lg pad v900 why not install whatsup messanger ? your device isn't compatible with this version. how to install whatsup please help


can i install other version of andriod into it

  • Haydaddict

Its very sluggish...like an very old computer!The fact that LG chose not to provide any update since 3.1 is ridiculous!Its becoming obsolete by each passing day!
If you dont care that i could take forever to load a site its good!I bought it in 2011 as a state of the art tablet and now i believe its slower than a 60euro one!!!!

  • FODAalmasry

the android 3 is good or bad? i will buy it but i want to be satisfied 100%

  • chandy

My docomo L-06c doesnt read my sim...plss help

  • chandy

albertfan, 29 Nov 2011anyone know how to unlock for Optimus pad L06c ?Hi,im also having problem unlocking my L-06c...can u help me if your done with your tablet?thanks

  • nikki

why lg is so hard on giving update on this very expensive tab.galaxy tab 8.9 same model and same tegradual core alredy enjoying ics update a year ago.why oh why?

  • raf87

even though i try not to regret having this pad because it can‘t upgrade to the latest OS, I still satisfied with this pad.

strong point:
1. quite large screen so it is comfortable to read manga or novel
2. the specs. are still good. at least I can still play NFS Most Wanted, football manager 2013, virtua tennis, fifa 2012 quite smooth
3. The battery life is good. it lasted for +/- 1 day
4. build quality is sturdy and strong, because of that it becomes heavy

weak point:
1. already forgotten by LG. perhaps only this pad that priced so high with no OS support
2. lost signal, so you must reset the pad to get the signal working

  • Budi

Aargee, 17 Jan 2013I am also facing the same problem. Did you manage to repair... moreOpen the rear cover, unplug the battery jack for a while and then re-plug it again. Try to start to push the button switch on before you close the back cover again . Be carefully because the battery jack is so tiny.

I did experience the same thing.... Good luck.

  • Aargee

Taj, 27 Nov 2012I bought this LG OPTIMUS PAD L-06C from Hongkong 6 months b... moreI am also facing the same problem. Did you manage to repair it? Did you get any solution?

  • Harsh Ven

Harshitkumar, 28 Nov 2012I am Impress this handsetyes i am Always With You

  • Harshitkumar

I am Impress this handset