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Even though it's pretty much completely obsolete now, it's still fun to use. Especially the keyboard, it works well.

  • Ike

I have has this phone for over 7 years. Good enough as long as you don't want to use the internet a lot. I left it on the trunk of my car once and it waited to fall off until I was on a highway. When I found it I had to wait for a break in traffic to go grab it. A semi ran over it while I was waiting. Other than a bent back panel that was easily replaced, the phone was fine.

  • AnonD-617480

Had the LG Optimus Slider since 2012 as my first ever smartphone, upgraded from the LG Rumor 2 a basic feature slider phone circa 2009. During the first two years I managed to fit a decent number of apps mainly the obvious popular ones like Facebook, Instagram, etc... Overtime

  • AnonD-533009

I'm at 5 years with this phone. Dependable, sturdy. I use it as a pocket payphone, to track the weather as well as SMS, twitter and check my work email via web interface. Does everything I want and it has a keyboard I LOVE. I will have a small funeral for it when it dies. That is the only way I will give it up.

  • obiwan

I have the LG Optimus Q, which is the Straight Talk version of this phone... it's been very dependable, very basic, very old by today's standards, but still working well in 2015. Very low internal storage, only holds 2 or 3 apps, but works. Works with older versions (2.2.x) of Good Mobile Messaging, which is really cool. Physical keyboard is excellent and rugged.

When I first got it, I had a lot of issues with the lack of space - when you install an app, it updates Google Market to Google Play, which then goes crazy with updates and fills up all the space. To fix it, I found there was a key trick I learned to keep the phone from running out of space: uninstall all the updates Google Play downloaded, which will turn google play back into google market, and then decline the license agreement. That'll stop the updates and leave your space free so the phone will function. The next time you decide install an app, you'll have to repeat the process afterwards - but you're only going to install 2 or 3 apps anyway, so no big deal.

I'm getting ready to upgrade to the Motorola Photon Q - gotta have that keyboard. I basically use my cell as a sub for a laptop.

  • Anonymous

Honestly, I think this is an awesome starter smartphone. Yea, it doesn't have the best camera, lower internal storage than I thought I'd want, and doesn't have fancy gadgets and stuff like the higher end smart phones, but again it's a starter. I've had this thing for 3 years, and between dropping, smashing, dunking it in soda, and accidentally throwing it across a parking lot, it still has yet to break. I absolutely love the keyboard too, so much so that it's one of the reasons I haven't gotten a new phone yet. I'll be using this phone until the day it dies, whenever that may be.

  • Anonymous

Good phone. Has gotten me through a couple years, and it still works, more or less. Its slow and buggy, and often crashes, but at least it is almost indestructible.I am getting an upgrade, but i will remember my first phone...

  • AnonD-216884

Great phone had it 2 years and it works great with square register and most other programs for android. Little pricy but because of the keyboard well worth it.

  • Jim

Great phone this is my first smart phone and I love it .

  • virgin mobile user

Absolutely horrible phone. Makes calls at random, usually the 2nd, 3rd or 4th call on the most recent calls list. Calls without pressing any button... Has called people in the middle of the night. Called my work once and my conversation went on their answering machine. Just called back a spammer who called yesterday. Now I will be inundated with spam calls. The last straw! I tried to get away with a cheap phone ($150) but this phone is beyond horrible.

  • AnonD-166716

Did anyone ever give thought that it might be the company you are with? Mine isn't with Sprint nor straight talk and it works just fine.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-112282, 12 Feb 2013Where can I buy this phone?Don't buy it

  • Anonymous

This is an ok phone for starters but I hate the camera. It sucks and video quality is horrible. This phone always gets stuck and it sucks. Also battery life sucks and the precessor sucks. The mOst thing I hate is how thick it is. Its too thick. So if you read this and is thinking about buying this phone. Don't waste your money. ThIs is a low end phone and it's not great

  • Stiglitz

It's a great phone. I love every minute of it. Plus with the free apps, it's a all around best choice if you we're to buy this phone. I give it a 9.3 out of 10.

  • AnonD-112282

Where can I buy this phone?

  • Anonymous

I love it very reliable...

  • Anonymous

yaar it is 2 expence

  • jerryk

It's a decent phone. I like the slide-out keyboard. But if you run any apps at all, it bogs down. Occasionally, it will ring, and something is hogging the CPU to the extent that you can't answer the phone - the phone keeps ignoring your swipe to unlock it. Doesn't happen often though.

  • SG

I want to add that both my grandson and myself have had many problems with our Androids. My flip phone had less problems. But I cannot afford to get a different phone. But I cannot get the pics off of my flip phone for saving and the company will not tell me how. I have always been a firm believer in LG and Samsung but lately the products have not been very good. Also it is very hard for me to find accessories for my Android.

  • Annin

Ive had this phone for about 3 months now. It has a very small amount of on-board storage so an SD is definitely a requirement. It supports up to a 32G sd card. The camera is decent, but it doesnt have auto focus or auto color balance. The zoom is terrible, distorts the images badly so you jut kinda have to scooch in close for a close up. The 3G works just fine if you are within range but it runs off of Sprint (through StraightTalk) which is what turned out to be the biggest problem for me. I live in the swampy boonies of Panhandle FL. The reception is very chintzy if you dont live in a bigger city where the signal is excellent. WiFi connectability is the only reason I havent chunked it yet. The Android Market is pretty great and the phone does have pretty quick download speeds (based off home WiFi). If you are big on music and sound the phone isnt excellent for that either. The sound is clear at lower volumes but above about half volume it starts to sound like the speaker might explode. It may just be mine but the make of it is pretty sad, in the 3 months that I've had it it is starting to wiggle in the slider hinge and I've never dropped or thrown my phone, and I never keep it in my pocket, always in a pouch in my pocket book. I havent purchased an extended battery because I am changing services in about a month, but if you have any intentions of keeping this phone for an extended period of time I would recommend a 1750-1900mAH extended battery for this phone. With moderate use the default battery only has about a 7hr life. As far as a WalMart phone goes, however it is a pretty decent phone, probably the best they have out for Straight Talk Services.