LG Optimus Vu II F200

LG Optimus Vu II F200

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  • AnonD-66977

my hands is not big enough to hold this brick...

  • Anonymous

Ugliest phone ever?

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2012this is beter than note2 . thx lg It's not better.

  • rahul

Optimus Vu 2 is Best phablet available in market for browsing / notes /typing etc we need a wider screen. if you dont like aspect ratio then buy the best phone with best display and best chipset for videos and other entertainment --- optimus G

  • srinivasan

really excellent, people will aware when the phone launches in india,then samsung will go suck

  • JhorAVi

Interestingly, this design is more deserving to be called NOTE because it looks like for NOTES taking compared to the galaxy NOTE that looks like an over sized phone.

  • kerry

i love the design. cool

  • Anonymous

this is beter than note2 . thx lg

  • iPhone5

I am an iPhone fan but quite frankly, I like this phone. I always liked kinda square screens, like the good old Desire HD. I prefer this to Note II.

  • FiVeZ

between this and note 2 sure people will go to note 2 , but between LG optimus G and s3 people will go to lg optimus G coz the s3 is so ugly .

  • Lenny

Since the daily interest in this phone is 0.4%, people are really going crazy with all the buzz, yeah right. Now go look at the buzz for the Note 2.

The Note 2 looks better, and it has better specs.

  • john_thess

AnonD-57901, 28 Aug 2012First! Hahah!Now the samsung galaxy note 2 killer!!!! keep it ... moreseriously it is the ugliest phone i have ever seen

  • AnonD-68656

Awesome buT when this phone come to madagascar?

  • AnonD-57901

iSJ5, 28 Aug 2012another cdma fone!stay cool bro,remember,this is a korian version,the global version will be a GSM....
BTW,now a days lg performing well.
The lg optimus G is way better than sgs3 even iphone 5.
And now they made vu 2,which i think is better than sg note 2...
Lg rocks...

  • iSJ5

another cdma fone!

  • AnonD-57901

The Lg optimus vu (Korian version) had dual core snapdragon processor,but International version had a tegra 3.
Now,if this is Lg optimus vu 2 (korian version) is a dual core krait,
then the international version of the vu 2 will be a quad core krait....
wow,this is intresting......
Lg is becoming more innovative...

  • AnonD-57901

Hahah!Now the samsung galaxy note 2 killer!!!!
keep it up Lg!!!