LG Optimus Vu P895

LG Optimus Vu P895

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Weird screen size

    • R
    • RAJIV
    • uwZ
    • 19 Jan 2021

    Sonia, 01 Oct 2017This phone is rubbish, I bought this handset a year ago a... moreyou seem to be against all goog . dont compare 1800 car with 2020 car. it was one of the finest note with stylus. but cost and new features then like nfc, etc were not known to many. i had one but some scoundrel stole it. if you have this one please let me know if i can borrow or purchase from you

    vande mataram

      • s
      • steven
      • 3LZ
      • 26 Apr 2018

      sai, 23 Jan 2017I bought this phone 2yrs back , its just a bad handset of L... moreYou bought a 3 years old device back then and you complain that it wasn't up to standards, oh who would've thought.

        • S
        • Sonia
        • dM0
        • 01 Oct 2017

        pk, 27 Sep 2016Where is the FM in LG P 895 This phone is rubbish, I bought this handset a year ago and I haven't used it up to three months before having problem with the battery though the phone is fast and in good shape with big mb but the only problem I have is the battery it goes off even when is fully charged right now I have thrown it in the bin because it is worthless.

          • D
          • AnonD-660353
          • tDU
          • 09 Apr 2017

          I lost confidence in mobile products from LG, I've bought 3 LG but not in use for long periods of time. I apologize if that is something that is not good for LG

            • s
            • sai
            • tUH
            • 23 Jan 2017

            I bought this phone 2yrs back , its just a bad handset of LG that i have ever seen and coming to experience one of the worst experience i had , unable to throw and unable to use , battery sucks like anything even if we put ideally the phone charging goes down from 100 - 50% in just 2 hrs . Pathetic experience in my whole life . Guys never purchase LG products especially Mobiles, its my humble request.

              • M
              • Michalis
              • n7U
              • 16 Dec 2016

              Dear fellow LG P895 users. Of course I am not happy with this phone, but I paid a lot of money for it when it came out so I can't throw it away so easily. I have a serious technical problem which hopefully some of you have solved. While the phone is functioning, suddendly when I try to call, I get a message "No SIM Card of SIM card error" and afterwards a second messsage "Reorganising internal procedures. Please try again after a short while" Then after a three or four efforts where I get the second message sudendly after let;s say 5 minutes it calls. It is not a problem of the SIM as I replaced it with a new one, and further on I did a hard reset on the phone but still problems remain the same. Any ideas?

                • p
                • pk
                • BLg
                • 27 Sep 2016

                Where is the FM in LG P 895

                  • i
                  • iman
                  • amD
                  • 05 Aug 2016

                  I had this phone too. I had two series before birth of optimus of LG. They are very good phone specialy LG k910. Ufortunatly this type of optimus is a shame of lg company. Every smart phone of lg but fablet p895 are good phones. The problems of this phone solved in LG G series. The quality of G-series is such good the lg G-2 and specialy G-3 became the first andriod phone in their's production years.lg G_5 is unique really. Only advice to handle Vu p895 is installing the program from insured site. And the numbers of installed applications shoulden't be very much. At least half of its memory must be empty. In my opinion you should sell it and buy. LG v10 or G-5 or v20 to enjoy your smart phone too much. I have now lg G4 and i am very happy from its power and high speed so you buy lg G-5 you can enjoy very much

                    • D
                    • AnonD-479520
                    • N0Y
                    • 23 Mar 2016

                    I have the same problem

                      • Y
                      • Yannis 123
                      • i8j
                      • 04 Feb 2016

                      Very slowly telephone I'm nothing happens.

                        • J
                        • Jerema brat
                        • snR
                        • 20 Jan 2016

                        Nasir, 28 Sep 2015I just purchased this LG100f in used. But after 2days i fou... moreIn my language its sranje

                          • a
                          • albert
                          • aXQ
                          • 07 Dec 2015

                          I had purchase lg vu p895 after 2years it suddenly stop please adviceme

                            • a
                            • ayemm
                            • Hka
                            • 17 Oct 2015

                            i am use LG 895 running very slow and always hang and phone become very hot ,always every happen . any suggestion to solve it

                              • N
                              • Nasir
                              • Pxp
                              • 28 Sep 2015

                              I just purchased this LG100f in used. But after 2days i found that its is very slow and fill with hanging problems its useless phone. In our langue its Bakwas

                                • M
                                • Mr.Kajang
                                • tZ0
                                • 31 Aug 2015

                                Just bought this phone for RM299, so far its ok, just pick it since i have good experience with LG G2. So far i feel the phone is a bit sluggish (dunno maybe because the ram is only 1 GB )

                                  • A
                                  • Ahmed
                                  • Nqn
                                  • 26 Aug 2015

                                  since i pressed (post your opinion) till i started writing my comment it took 4 minutes .. 4 minutes of hanging .. hanging during this time consumed like 5% of battery (it fall down from 18% to 13%) ... typing these few words consumed 6 minutes because of hanging .. very slow performance of date OS .. DO NOT BUY by any mean

                                    • g
                                    • gorge nassef
                                    • 8jv
                                    • 24 Aug 2015

                                    i have tel. LG p895 is not read sim what i do

                                      • D
                                      • AnonD-429073
                                      • NwS
                                      • 13 Aug 2015

                                      My LG uptimus vu p 895 is giving me problems, at times the network will be there but if you try to make a call it doesn't go through......
                                      help me what should i do

                                        • S
                                        • Sandeep
                                        • f}Y
                                        • 09 Jul 2015

                                        This LG phone is not usefull phone.It'svery slower after 6 months.Batt ery problem is after 15 days or a month regular interval.
                                        It's not a good phone for Android users.Wastage of money.
                                        So Dontdont buy always...-