LG Panther goes under GW910, WP7 ticking inside

25 May, 2010

The third leak of the Windows Phone 7 powered LG Panther shed some light on its model number and package. It seems Panther will be marked as GW910, while its box is quite basic.

As you can see the retail package is labaled LG GW910, instead of Panther, confirming that Panther was only the project code name. The stuff inside is pretty basic - headset, USB cable and charger plus the battery. As the prototype unit inside, the package is not even close to final.

LG GW910 Panther

The guys from nexus404.com managed to spend some time with the GW910 and they found the Windows Phone 7 OS inside really fast. The phone was quite responsive despite all the bugs that are to be expeced at this stage of its development.

They've also found that the current Zune software is still incompatible with the Windows Phone 7 OS, so the sync was a no-go.

There are a few months until the official LG GW910 announcement, but this early hands-on makes us believe that it will be worth the wait.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

you don't know until you try it. it's not an iphone wannabe, in fact, the design itself is way different than that of an iphone or android phone. iphone gets boring fast.

  • Anonymous

WP7 is going to be massive an estimated 30 million are expected to be sold by the end of 2011!!!

  • Anonymous

I agree with you ... WP7 is some iPhone wannabe (no multitasking, closedsource, no BT file transfer, Zune integrated (like iTunes from iPhone)) and already there is Android 2.2 ... and until WP7 will get some popularity, there will probabbly be out A...

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